Thursday 14 September 2017

VIDEO PREMIERE: "Akte VI" by mysterious doom conquistadors B R I Q U E V I L L E

Briqueville is a band shrouded in mystery. On stage, they create an instrumental mantra of spooky guitars, modified field recordings and eerie sampled chants. These meditative build-ups, based on the perseverant element of repetition, are contrasted with and ripped apart by sudden, unforeseeable outbursts of the purest and sheerest heaviness.

Upon release of their debut album in 2014, the band buried 20 copies at various locations across the country, and gradually released the coordinates on their facebook page, animating fans to dig them up from the soil. The idea was met with great enthusiasm among their quickly growing fan base, and will be revisited and extended for the release of Briqueville's mesmerizing 2nd album, appropriately titled “II“, which is to be released on September 29th via Pelagic Records and today you can check out the new video for the track "Akte VI" below. Preorders are available here

Band info: facebook ||bandcamp