Friday 8 September 2017

INTERVIEW: THE SLUDGELORD RORSCHACH TEST with John Hoffman (Ledge/ Ex-Weekend Nachos)

In a twist to the usual interview format  our very own Nikos Mixas suggested THE SLUDGELORD RORSCHACH TEST: there are no inkblots and we won’t be subjecting bands to psychological profiling, rather we give photos that relate to metal then ask the bands to give THE SLUDGELORD their thoughts and/or your impression of every photo.  There is no right or wrong answers. 

Today at THE SLUDGELORD we invite John Hoffman formerly of Weekend Nachos and now mastermind behind his ripping new project Ledge to take part, so check out his answers below.  “Cold Hard Concrete” is streaming below and available to order here

1). Ex-BLACK SABBATH Drummer BILL WARD On His Former Bandmates: 'It's Plain To Me We're As Opposite And Opposing As Ever'

At first I thought this was just some scumbag from the Sopranos. I think Bill Ward is basically saying "We're a rock band, and we're friends, but we play music together. We're not always going to be pals." I can relate to that!

2). Rigs of Doom artwork ripped off by Metallica

Hmm, the colors are cool but I don't really have any opinion on this whatsoever. Totally indifferent but I love Metallica's first 6 albums!

3). Ledge“Cold Hard Concrete”

It's the record I released this year! I'm pretty happy with the way it came out, and the artwork is bold, simple and brutal. If I weren't the main person behind this project, I'd probably still be very interested in checking it out!

4). Quicksand Announce First Album in 22 Years

I knew that was Walter on the right. Quicksand is a cool band but I never really got into them. I'm far too stupid and dense to really sink my teeth into a band like Quicksand or Rival Schools. Excellent stuff, though.

5). Ronnie James Dio Hologram Books First World Tour Dates

Well, it's about time. I have always preferred Ozzy-era Sabbath but Dio is so much more of a cool metalhead. I take that back, actually. Ozzy in his prime is 100% the best. I think I just get confused because Ozzy now is on TV wearing track pants and mumbling gibberish at his Hot Topic children. Dio never sunk that low. R.I.P.

6). Chris Cornell passing

Fucking awful. I love Chris Cornell's music. Well, I'm talking about Soundgarden. "Blow Up The Outside World" was one of the first songs that made me realize other people hated society besides me, I know the lyrics aren't really about that but just the song title made it click in my head and I remember that moment in my childhood. It was before I got into punk. Suicide is a tragedy. R.I.P.

7). Kid Rock Announces Senate Run

Nothing surprises me anymore. If only Joe C was still alive to be his assistant. Politics are a fucking joke and you know this.

8). Gene Simmons Attempts to Trademark "Metal Horns"

KISS was incredible but man, fuck that guy and his bullshit views. He's a fucking asshole.

9). Bloodhag Vocalist Dumps Coffee on Alex Jones

I thought that was Bill Stevenson at first. I'm not good at recognizing anybody but regardless, I could care less about this guy or his coffee. Doesn't seem like a nice thing to do to somebody though.

10). Full Of Hell Creates New T-shirt

Weekend Nachos and Full of Hell are friends! That t-shirt was funny but honestly, we made much funnier shirts.

Band info: bandcamp