Friday 8 September 2017

REVIEW: From the Hellmouth | Mutilatred (Split)

By: Mark Ambrose

Album Type: Split
Date Released: August 4, 2017
Label: Redefining Darkness |
Seeing Red Records

This release will satisfy fans who are craving some crushing death to usher in the autumn decay.

From The Hellmouth / Mutilatred Split CS//DD track listing

1. From The Hellmouth - Cast Into the Sea
2. From The Hellmouth - The Wolves Must Be Fed
3. From The Hellmouth - Campaign of Lies
4. Mutilatred - Crippled By Prescription
5. Mutilatred - Part of the Decay
6. Mutilatred - Split from Inside
7. Mutilatred - Prescribed Death
8. Mutilatred - While It Floods

The Review
There must be something putrid in the waters of Ohio.  As the coastal metropoles continue to offer sometimes thrilling, sometimes rote black metal hybrids, avant garde sludge experimentation, or crusty metallic anarcho-punk, the Buckeye State spews out death.  Cleveland’s From the Hellmouth and Toledo’s Mutilatred are the latest purveyors of nauseating toxicity, and offer up an unhealthy half hour on this untitled split EP.
From the Hellmouth skews toward melodic death, with harmonized guitar leads that recall At the Gates, The Black Dahlia Murder, and all the hardest parts of CastlevaniaNoah Buchanan’s vocals are surprisingly discernable for death metal, and the refrain of “Relentless attack!” on EP highlight “The Wolves Must Be Fed” makes me anxious for a full-length.  If they pump out more catchy, memorable riffs in this vein, they’ll garner a dedicated following, chanting along to every chorus.
If its traditional death filth you’re after, Mutilatred is death metal that could have come from Morrisound in the 80s heyday, albeit with some major experimentation.  McDonagh’s vocals are pure guttural grunts, while the guitar tone is dirtier than Lake Erie.  Sometimes this is a bit of a drawback, as McDonagh and Meyers’ intricate guitar riffing can get lost in the mix, especially in the washed out midrange.  Regardless, Mutilatred’s musicians show some serious chops, especially drummer Clay Lowe, who is an absolute beast at the kit.  “Split from Inside” is a real standout, with ferocious thrash riffing and circle pit intensity, while “Prescribed Death” slips into a hypnotic, exhilarating groove.  With closing track “While It Floods”, noise manipulators Fakes and Meyers take center stage, with occasional spoken word from McDonagh.  I honestly was waiting for the full band to kick in and close out the split, but the track is pure noise.  If they manage to meld these elements in a future release, they’ll have a uniquely surreal formula in place.
Like most split EPs, this offering may not be featured as a “year’s best” or “major release” of the summer, but makes a solid case for both bands as up and comers in the US death scene.  If nothing else, it will satisfy your craving for some crushing death to usher in the autumn decay.

“From The Hellmouth / Mutilatred” is available here

Band info:

From The Hellmouth: facebook ||  bandcamp || Mutilatred: facebook || bandcamp