Thursday 7 September 2017

TRACK PREMIERE: Forfeit life to Wormwood and yield to their bludgeoning new track "The Undesirables"

Rewind almost 3 years and a couple of old friends got together to make a heavy depressing/empowering racket. Formed by Chris Pupecki perhaps better known as guitarist in Doomriders and their original drummer Chris Bevilacqua, these Boston natives debuted their self titled EP, via PATAC Records/ Magic Bullet Records, 5 tracks that were driven by a bestial, hard-hitting mid-tempo grind and a distinctly unpolished, ugly, and bottomless bass rumble, the discordant ooze of guitars with effect-laden sludge atmospherics that consistently unsettled you with brutally effective tritonal dissonance before spacing you out with smooth doomed slow jam riffs.  

WORMWOOD's debut was a  sonic nightmare from, a dark, psychedelic journey of fuzzed out doom metal and stoner-dirge riffs that shattered all pre-conceptions… WORMWOOD pours out of your stereo like a plague of carrion insects and  make no mistake the pedigree of this band is mouth watering, with members of Phantom Glue and The Red Chord rounding off this quartet.  Now following 3 years in the wilderness,  on October 20th 2017, WORMWOOD will issue their debut full length “Mooncurse” on Translation Loss Records, arguably the best underground label on the scene today and we recently caught up with the band to get the low down on new record. 

"It's less standard "doom" this time around and now has elements of sludge, some psychedelic moments, guitar harmonies, quieter pretty parts and even a couple noise rock moments. All in all though I feel it blends together nicely without sounding like a patchwork of genres and it still retains the darkness, anger and bite of our original release, just maybe more interesting ear candy happening now."

"It does have an apocalyptic feel or a feel of isolation/rejection/depression that tends to come up lyrically as well as sonically. I truly believe playing heavy music is the greatest therapy in the world, and so for me, all the darkest stuff in the recesses of my mind seems to come up and kind of release while I play and I always feel better afterwards...for a little while at least."

With a release date set for 20/10/2017, a new label and preorders for the record already open (here), you can get your first taste of the new record with an exclusive stream of the track “The Undesirables” below, which is unapologetically crushing. We hope you dig it. Forfeit life to WORMWOOD

Live Rituals

Direct support for ALL PIGS MUST DIE
10/19 - Saint Vitus, NY
10/20 - Great Scott, Allston, MA

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