Thursday 4 October 2012


Eibon are a Sludge/Doom Metal band from France.

The members are:

Georges Balafas, vocals
Max Hedin, guitars
Guillaume Taliercio, guitars
Stephane Riviere, bass
Jerome Lachaud, drums

Eibon are in my opinion one of France's best Sludge/Doom Metal Bands that all you need to hear right now. These guys are fucking masters of the genre. They have released a string of acclaimed releases through out their career.

Look their bio should tell you what you need to know.

"Eibon is a 5 piece act featuring drowning bass player,Stephane Riviere and guitarist Georges Balafas on vocals. along with Jerome Lachaud, who was Stephane’s former bandmate & drummer in the french legendary doom-metal pioneer Garden of Silence. Jerome was also part of the Doom veterans astral rising. The line-up was completed by longtime friend Max Hedin on guitars and more recently, by Guillaum
e Taliercio on guitars.

In march ‘07, Eibon released a split-cd on the extreme metal label Bones Brigade records. Critics and feedback have been really positive and the MCD has been sold-out only 6 months after its release. This first effort already gave an idea of what Eibon is all about: agressive sludge and heavy doom-metal. The music is based on progressive structures, alternating pounding heavy riffs and melody based parts.

in 2009, Eibon is back with its first digi-mcd containing 2 new tracks, recorded in october 2009 in the same studio and mixed by Andrew G. (Glorior Belli, Temple of Baal) and released by Aesthetic Death. These 2 new tracks reflect the band’s evolution: progressive parts are longer and
more complex while aggressive parts are even harsher. Meanwhile, eibon has been regularly seen on stage - to critical acclaim.

During the beginning of 2010 Eibon finished the recording of their new album «Entering Darkness»."

Well the guys released their debut album - Entering Darkness - to massive acclaim. It's a masterclass in sheer brutality. Epic Doom laced with Progressive Sludge Riffs with bleak vocals to match. 60 mins that features some of the finest epic gloomy riffs released in 2010.

I became a fan of this band back in 2010 when hearing this masterpiece. It's flinching as it is unrelenting. It's an album that will take over your soul. And you will be the more better for it.

Well what's even better Eibon are giving all their back catalogue away for free right not on BandCamp. This is an opportunity you cannot pass up. This brilliant band's entire back catalogue up for free download. Do it now before they are all gone.

That's 4 amazing releases that you need to check out right now. They are all brutal and brilliant releases you need in your record collection right now. Be prepared to be blown away. All I am saying.

You can buy physical copies of all their releases from BandCamp as well.

Brilliant. End Of.

Check This Great Band Below: