Sunday 14 October 2012

Lecherous Gaze - On The Skids - Review

Lecherous Gaze is a Punk/Garage/Stoner Rock from Oakland, California

The members are: Graham Clise, Chris Grande, Noel Sullivan and Zaryan Zaidi

Lecherous Gaze is a band with a unique style to them. Taking influence from diverse artists such as The Stooges, MC5, Thin Lizzy, Black Flag and even Motorhead.

They are getting quite a reputation for their highflying blend of Stoner Rock infused blend of Punk and Garage Rock that will have you rocking in no time at all.

Their new album On The Skids is 3 years in the making. It features 11 tracks that runs for a sublime 39 mins. The album has a great Punk DIY Attitude and it is all about having a party all night long. There are no subtle messages.

This is good old-fashioned head banging that you do not hear much of these days but with a cool Stoner Rock vibe that throws up loads of great riffs to get stuck in to.

Opening track Lyin In The Road is a 3:30 minute track that will show you what this band is all about. Fast paced riffs and impressive vocals to match. You might think the vocals might be a bit amateurish at times. However, they are not. They match the party loving atmosphere going on. Imagine Alice Cooper fronting a Stoner Rock Band but with a lot of great Thin Lizzy style dual guitar riffage.

Lecherous Gaze are a band you want to hear all night long. These guys mean business but in a cool let’s get wasted kind of way. The album is a raucous riot from start to finish that pays homage to great bands of the past but Lecherous Gaze bring it all together in a great way with modern Stoner Rock riffs.

If you think this is a serious album, then please check Evidence A - Album Cover – It gives you a great feel in what to expect. Party Loving Riff Monsters partying all night long. The way a true Garage/Punk/Stoner Rock band should be all about.

Check out great tracks to prove what this great band is all about – Bagagazo, Born On A River, Passion Woman and The Grasp. Brilliantly Funny Lyrics matched with great Stoner Rock Riffage that will have you smiling all day long.

Lecherous Gaze might not be the most sophisticated of bands but damn they are sure one of the most fun I have heard in 2012. Every time I listen to On The Skids, it brings a smile to my face even when I am head banging away.

It is expertly produced so you can hear all of the excellent Lecherous Gaze Craziness in all its glory.

TeePee Records have another winner on their hands. They have signed another great band to their label. If you are a fan of The Shrine, which we reviewed earlier this year, then you are going to love this.

Highly Recommended. – I rate this very highly. I already own the Vinyl Record. Had to have it. Awesome cover to boot as well.

On The Skids is available to buy on TeePee Records and from all good stockists now.

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