Thursday 4 October 2012

The Witches Drum - Future Kings Of An Empty Throne Review

The Witches Drum is a Psychdelic Hard Rock/Stoner Metal Band from Wales

The members are:

Fry- Vocals
Joel - Guitar
Matt - Guitar
Steve-O - Drums
Owen - Bass

The Witches Drum play a weird brew of Psych Rock, Blues Rock held together with fiery modern based Stoner Metal

Taking their cue from such legendary bands as Sabbath, Zeppelin, The Stooges and a huge nod to Monster Magnet. This is a band who worship the almighty riff. Their excellent debut EP – Future Kings Of An Empty Throne is a 4 song and 30 minute blast of superb psych based riffage that is very hard to ignore.

The Witches Drum show their influences from the start. Their blend of music is easily recognisable to all metal-heads from the 70’s right up till the present day. Vocalist Fry has a certain roguish Dave Wyndorf stance to his voice. But still stands on his merits as he puts some ice cold blues rock vocals into proceedings as well.

The 4 tracks on show feels like a time capsule of the best bands through out the ages but still maintains a fresh spin on things. None more so on Fishin For Ships and the brilliantly titled – Climb Aboard The Bus Of Devotion.

The Witches Drum are kicking up a storm in the UK Hard Rock/Stoner Metal scene and it’s not hard to see why. These guys rock from the start. The release is expertly played and produced by all involved which should enhance their reputation as a band to look out for.

The song lengths range from 6 to 8 mins in length. So you will have more than enough time to check out this excellent band.

If you’re a fan of the bands mentioned above then your going to love it. So check these ace psych rockers out now. You won’t be sorry.

Highly Recommended.

You can buy Future Kings Of An Empty Throne on BandCamp right now.

Check This Great Band Below: