Sunday 14 October 2012

HIGH ON FIRE - The Art Of Self Defense Reissue - Review

The Art of Self Defense reissue track listing:

01. Baghdad
02. 10,000 Years
03. Blood From Zion
04. Last
05. Fireface
06. Master of Fists

Bonus 7″ Tracks (2001)

07. Steel Shoe
08. The Usurper (CELTIC FROST cover)

Self-Titled Demo (1999)

09. Blood From Zion
10. 10,000 Years
11. Master of Fists

Well here is the deluxe reissue of the brilliant debut album – The Art Of Self Defense from legendary Stoner Metallers – High On Fire courtesy of Southern Lord Records.

With Sleep’s legendary album – DopeSmoker – already having its first “proper” release by being digitally remastered to massive acclaim earlier this year. Now it is time for High On Fire classic debut album – The Art Of Self Defense to have the same treatment courtesy of Southern Lord Records.

The album has never sounded better .Everything is clear, crisp and loud. You hear things that you could not here on the original version. Matt’s vocals have a distinct edge about them. This reissue makes them sound 10 times bigger. This is the how the album is meant to be heard.

I don’t need to do a song-by-song review as most of you of have already heard this album. Therefore, you know it’s a great album. I will just comment on how wonderful it sounds and what a superb reissue this album is.

As you get five extra tracks totalling 30 minutes of High On Fire magic. Three of these five tracks are the original demos of some of the best tracks on the album – Blood From Zion, 10000 Years and Master Of Fists.

This album started it all for High On Fire. It showed that Matt had a lot of unreleased anger to blast onto the world. Especially with the way SLEEP ended. It showed the world that a truly important band in the realm of Stoner Metal had arrived. High On Fire are still one of the premier Stoner Metal Bands performing in the world today who continue to influence a wide range of bands today.

They have released a string of critically acclaimed albums since this landmark release. But this is where it all started for Mike and Co. They have slightly heavier as time has progressed. But you cannot deny the sheer scale of destruction lurking within this great album.

If you have yet to experience the audio experience of this amazing band then I would recommend you start here to see why we rate these Stoner Metallers so highly.

If you’re a long time fan of the band then you need this album in your collection now. As it has never sounded better. It’s a must have purchase for all Stoner Metal Fans. Southern Lords have released another amazing landmark reissue of a classic album. And I hope they release some more in the future.

You can buy The Art Of Self Defense Reissue on Southern Lord Records from all good stockists now.

Highly Recommended!!!

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