Sunday 14 October 2012

YOUWRETCH - Sympathy Of Wolves - Review

Sympathy of Wolves cover art

YouWretch are a Crust/Hardcore/Sludge Metal band from USA

The members are:

Jordan - Vocals
AJ - Guitar, Vocals
Notsch - Guitar
Joe - Drums
Dan - Bass

YouWretch play a bleak blend of brutal based Crust/Hardcore/Sludge Metal that is loud, heavy and very angry all the way through. Their new album – Sympathy Of Wolves is a brutal epic assault on the senses and deserves to be heard now.

The 26-minute run time will leave you emotionally and physically drained. As YouWretch go straight in for the thrill. The 10 tracks on show will shake you to the core.

These guys play thick & fast, and do not stop until the album is finally over. You feel like you have been through an emotional rollercoaster. Especially on emotionally charged tracks such as – Cobblestone & Smoke, Tar Covered, Sympathy Of Wolves and my fave track – The Binding Dark.

Nothing will prepare for what is in store for you with their best release so far. Full of heavy pounding riffs with brutal vocals to match.

The blend of Crust, Hardcore and Sludge Metal is not for the faint hearted. This is for people who like their music with a bleak outlook on life. The album’s 26 minutes will speak dividends to long time fans of despair filled driven Sludge Metal.

The album is expertly played and performed by all involved that highlights what a great band Youwretch actually are. They are not afraid to take risks with their music. The album has a truly dark soul to it. There are no joyful/happy moments on the album just a brutal slab of pummelling riffs that will last long in the memory. YouWretch tell you how life really is. It is a bitter pill to swallow but it’s an album you need to hear right now.

Sympathy Of Wolves is a triumph that will haunt you for days. YouWretch should be proud for releasing an album like this and they should be applauded for sticking to ideals. This is real music for the soul and I urge you all to check out now.

Amazing and Highly Recommended.

What is even better this is available to buy on BandCamp Pay Anything You Want Type Deal.

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