Saturday 6 October 2012

Order Of The Owl - In The Noon Of The After Day Review

In the Noon of the After Day cover art

Order of the Owl is a Psych/Sludge/Stoner Metal Band from USA.

The members are:

Brent Anderson (Zoroaster, Terminal Doom)
Corey Pallon (What Happened to Your Fire Tiger, Terminal Doom, Hell Comes to Town)
Casey Yarbrough (The Charges, Halmos, Authors Apology)
studio member: Richard Googe (Hell Comes to Town, Terminal Doom)

Order Of The Owl is a Sludge/Stoner Metal band who blends Psych and Doom Metal into their music. They have a certain Brent Anderson amongst their ranks. Ex-Member of  – Zoroaster.

Well this is Brent’s new band. And what a band it is too. Order Of The Owl is a sublime down-tempo psych based Sludge/Doom/Stoner Metal band. They are quite similar to Zoroaster but a bit more primal and more experimental.

Their new album - In The Noon Of The After Day – A 7 song and 35 minute blast of Sludge/Doom//Stoner Metal riffs, which fuses Ambient Drone with Tribal Vocals that would make Neurosis proud.

However, it’s still an outstanding collection of highly original tracks to shake your psyche too. If your into Sleep, Eagle Twin, Neurosis, OM and Zoroaster then you going to feel right at home here.

Order Of The Owl takes elements of those bands and put a great psychedelic spin on things. This is one trippy ride you will glad your taking. This is music for the body and soul. An album that speaks to you on so many levels that one listen is never enough.

My fave part about the album has to be the drumming. Corey’s drumming is sensational here. Full of heavy pounding blasts that give this album a life of its own.

Check out tracks Bandsaw, Cocaine Super Demon and Class War for prime examples. With Brent involved as lead vocalist and bass guitarist, you know you’re in for wild and weird ride. His vocal range is impressive. Doing out of body experience type chanting then changing to offbeat metal vocals & screeches. It’s a miracle Brent didn’t damage his vocal chords when making this album.

Then there is the other selling point of this great album. The riffs. It’s full of them. Some slow and some very fast but a perfect blend when the drums and vocals come together.

In The Noon Of The After Day is a very weird sounding album but it’s the better for it. It takes you to places you can’t do with normal music. Each song might follow the same path and structure but they take you to a different destination each time. Order Of The Owl has created a very multi-layered album that will take time and patience to understand the full effect.

For a debut album, this is something truly special. I would say I rate this more highly than the last Zoroaster album. This album spoke to me more. I felt more connected to it as well. Truth be told I wish it was on for a bit longer as I wanted more. This is always a great sign in my book.

The album is expertly produced; you can hear every distorted second loud and clear. I thought I was listening to this album on the highest volume but it was actually on a low setting. Therefore, I am very impressed with the overall sound of this album. Top marks from me on this side of things.

This is an excellent album and an essential purchase for all you Sludge/Stoner/Doom fans out there. Brilliant and Highly Recommended.

You can buy In The Noon Of The After Day from BandCamp right now. So get buying now.

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