Saturday 6 October 2012

SUNDOWNING - Seizures Of The World Review

Seizures Of The World cover art

Sundowning is a an Ambient/Down-tempo/Hardcore/Doom/Sludge Metal band from Essen, Germany

The members are:

christoph - vocals/guitars
pascal - guitars
basti - drums
markus - bass

Sundowning are a band who deals in bleak moods and atmospheres, which highlights the world’s state of affairs. Which is quite apt since their debut album is called – Seizures Of The World. A 6-song and 30 minute blast that features some of the most brutal riffs of 2012.

Sundowning are not here to improve your world. They are here to pile more misery on top of it. It is not an easy listen but you will listen to what the band has to say.

This is a brutal onslaught of riffs and moods through out. Sundowning do not stick to one overall genre but a mixture of Doom, Hardcore and Sludge mixed with Ambient Music thrown in at various times.

First track – Heartless – is a 5:13 minute calling card advising the listener they are in for a bleak time indeed. But what a ride. These guys are brilliant musicians. You can feel their pain and anger especially from vocalist -. Intense riffage is the order of business from the start.

Up next is the album’s title track – Seizures of The World – that delves further more into the darkness. Blending intricate slow-paced riffs with vocals full of passion to shake your fragile world. This has a slight Neurosis vibe to it but still packing an almighty punch of their own. The instrumental work is phenomenal on this track. Had me pressing the repeat button on multiple occasions.

3rd Track – Shimmering Tides/Wilderness Life is a track that starts with a mid-paced riff that takes time in getting under your skin but when you do, you are hooked. It is probably the best track on the album. 6:22 minutes of crushing Doom/Sludge Metal blended with heavy amounts of Ambient driven Hardcore based riffage. This song highlights Sundowning’s technical ability to perfection. As they go through a few changes in tempo on this song. One minute slow and the next a more fast paced vibe starts to appear. Some cool clean vocals feature at the end to show they are not all about brutal hardcore-based vocals. Though they still pack an emotional punch.

Well by now, you should know what to expect on the last 3 tracks. More sublime bleak down-tempo riffage from this great band. Seizures Of The World has a life of it’s own. So much so, it demands your attention to listen it from the very start. You will be mesmerized until the dying seconds.

It will make you think and feel like you have gone through a war of some sort. But you will be the more better for it. Especially on the track – Serpents Of God – Listen to this track as loud as you can to get the full effect.

The album is expertly produced and one that should gain this great band a whole lot more exposure. As I was not aware of there existence until I bought the Vinyl the other day. I am reviewing digital copy and I cannot wait for my vinyl copy to arrive so I can live through every brilliant hard-hitting minute.

Yeah I am a big fan of these hugely talented Sludge Metallers. This is a band with a lot to say and they demand your attention now. Excellent and Highly Recommended.

You can buy both digital and physical releases from BandCamp right now. Awesome.

Check This Great Band Below.