Sunday 14 October 2012

ESTONER - The Stump Will Rise - Review

The Stump Will Rise cover art

Estoner is a Stoner Metal band from Tallinn, Estonia.

The members are:

Vocals - Corey Tomlins
Guitar - Ralf Vinkler
Guitar - Kristian Vallikivi
Bass - Jaanus Luka
Drums - Anton Veeremets

Estoner play a truly wonderful psychedelic blend of Stoner Metal mixing Doom and Psych Rock to one loud and heavy trippy ride into the unknown.

Estoner list their influences as The Doors, Kyuss, Sabbath, Electric Wizard and other great bands of the Doom/Stoner Metal genres. And you know what you can hear these influences and a whole lot more as well.

Their new album – The Stump Will Rise – is a seven song and 50-minute blast of out of this world riffage. This is a band you do not want to miss as Estoner have that WOW factor you cannot ignore. As this album is a triumph from start to finish.

Lead singer – Corey – sounds like a more grizzled and trippier version of Maynard James Keenan but channelling Roger Daltrey and Wino for good measure. I know that sounds insane but that’s what I thought especially on the excellent opening track – Greenseeker – An 8:45 minute track that gets off his album to a flier.

First thoughts when listening to this track well it’s going to be a straight forward Stoner Rock/Metal album with bags of sublime riffs driving it all the way through. Then that all changed with excellent 2nd track – Meet The Abyss.

It starts off the same as Greenseeker but wait until the 3rd minute mark when the Hardcore/Sludge based Death Growls comes into play. Now that grabbed my attention. I was thinking where that came from. Very unexpected. Then the riffs got heavier and more intense. Now this album was going into a very different direction indeed.
What were Estoner going to throw at me next? - Well the answer viewers – is a major Star Wars themed curve ball that’s what.

3rd track – The brilliantly titled – Darth Vader Has A Hangover. A 6:35 minute blast of top-notch riffs with brilliantly insane vocals & lyrics to match. This is the album’s standout track as it shows Estoner’s creativity down to a fine art. Excellent riffs but with excellent funny Star Wars references that should keep you laughing until the end. Though your probably to busy head-banging to the superb Stoner Metal riffs on show.

The Stump Will Rise is a very special album indeed, as it fuses the out of this world psychedelic riffs with insanely cool lyrics to match. The song titles and songs themselves get even weirder but for the better. Especially with song titles such as Level 5 Wizard, LSD Vampyr and Mindweasels.

Estoner are a hugely talented band and The Stump Will Rise proves this time & time again. They have created some truly memorable tracks that should gain them a loyal following at home and abroad.

The Stump Will Rise is an album that any band will be proud to call their own.

Awesome and Highly Recommended.

You can buy The Stump Will Rise on Digital and Physical Copies from their BandCamp Page.

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