Thursday 4 October 2012

Great Western - Warrior Of Light Review

Warrior of Light cover art

Great Western are a Hard Rock/Stoner Metal Band from London, UK.

The members are: Rufus Miller, Ralph Fuller & Frederick Fuller

Great Western are a band who are not easy to categorize. Parts Hard Rock, Stoner Metal and even Sludge Rock creeping up now and again.

All I can compare these guys to is sadly missed Welsh Legends – Taint – as they play the same sort of superb hybrid based Sludge/Stoner Metal/Hard Rock Greatness

Great Western latest EP – Warrior Of Light – is a 5 song and 20 minute action packed blast of sublime riffs from a superb band to definitely look out for.

The way guys blend all the genres really is an experience to listen to. First track – Son Of A Gun – shows you one of the many faces that Great Western have up their sleeve. It’s a superb 3 minute blast of heavy riffage that shows you this band means business.

Up next is – New Government – is where they change course from the last song. Incorporating a more harder Sludge edge to take this song into the heavier landscape of Hard Rock/Stoner Metal.

Following from New Government is Grand Parade which sticks to the heavier foundation of Hard Rock/Stoner Metal. The 4 mins is full of great riffage that should have you head-banging in no time at all. And with a cool sing-along chorus.

Up next is the song – Been Gone – A 2:30 minute acoustic rock which I feel is a bit out of place here. It’s a very good song but it took the great action packed energy away the other songs were adding to this great release.. That is my only complaint.

But it’s back to business as normal for the last song – Be At One – A 6:18 minute track that blends everything what has came before it (well the heaviest songs anyway) and pushes the volume all the way upto MAXIMUM.

This song is my fave of the EP as it’s full of brilliant riffs from the start. The song suddenly ends around the 4:10 minute mark. But wait for 20 seconds are so and there is a 90 second hidden song which adds a cool Punk Rock dynamic to this great release.

Then it’s all over. The release proves that Great Western are excellent musicians and have a genuine talent for writing great Hard Rock/Sludge/Stoner Metal tracks that will gain them a lot of fans.

It’s an expertly produced release that I recommend highly. So headover to BandCamp and buy this excellent release now.

Highly Recommended.

Check This Great Band Below.