Saturday 20 October 2012

THE SWORD - Apocryphon - Review

The Sword is a band that does not need any introductions. They have blazed a trail across the globe with their blend of Hard Rock, Doom and Stoner Metal riffs.

They have worked non-stop for the past 9 years or so since forming in 2003. They have released a string of critically acclaimed albums and they have toured with some of the world’s biggest bands while doing their own sold-out tours.

In 2010, they released Warp Riders, which divide both fans and critics. There were some cool ideas in the album with some great riffs. However, it somehow did not come together. I have been listening to Warp Riders a lot more recently and am beginning to enjoy it a completely new light.

Well The Sword are back with a vengeance with their new album – Apocryphon – A 10 song collection that runs for a mighty impressive 44 mins or so.

Is the album any good I hear you cry? – Have The Sword manage to reclaim past glories. All I can say is yeah they have in a big way indeed. Apocryphon is their best work to date. It combines elements of their previous albums but mixes it in a completely great way.

It feels like the The Sword have found a new purpose and they are here to take over the world once again. First track – The Veil Of Isis – sounds like The Sword of old and a track that would not go a miss of their stunning debut album. Still maintaining a fresh sound as well. Throw in monolithic riffs with sublime vocals. It is a great track to show The Sword is going take you for a wild ride of groove based Doom/Stoner Metal.

Up next is Cloak Of Feathers a groove based heavy slab of Psych based rock with insane lyrics to match. This song matches the vibe of Warp Riders and the heaviness of Gods Of The Earth. With a few nods to classic bands of the 70’s. It is a strong contender for one of the albums best songs and one of the best The Sword has written so far.

What follows next is a stunning collection of tracks that plays like a greatest hits collection but in a good way. It follows the path laid down by the previous three albums but adding a heavier vibe to things. Especially on tracks like – The Hidden Masters, Dying Earth, Extractor, Hawks & Serpents and Seven Sisters.

Extractor has a great punk rock edge to it. A 3-minute blast of insane catchy vocals and riffs. About as pop music The Sword will ever get to.

However, do not think that The Sword stick to the same old routine. They add something new to their music that we have not heard before. Electronica.

Title Track – Apocryphon is a song that combines Stoner, Doom and Electronica to outstanding effect. This is the albums defining moment where it puts this album in the realm of brilliance. The opening electronic beats fade in an out before the usual The Sword magic kicks in. This is what Warp Riders should have sounded like all the way through.

Apocryphon is a must have album for all The Sword fans. Heck it is a must have record for any music fan. The band has never played better or sounded as good as they do on this outstanding album.

The production is handled brilliantly well. You can hear every note and riff played to perfection. JD and the gang should be proud of this album.

It will prove that The Sword are one of the finest bands out there at the moment. Apocryphon is a triumph on all levels.

A brilliant album you should all be buying now. Excellent and Highly Recommended.

Apocryphon is available to buy on Razor & Tie Records now in a whole range of formats from all good stockists now.

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