Wednesday 2 March 2016

Pink Mass - "Slvt Cvlt" (Album Review)

By: Chris Bull
Album Type: Full-Length
Date Released: 21/01/2016
Label: Horror Pain Gore Death Productions |
Against All Odds Productions

“SLVT KVLT” CS//DD track listing:
1). Intro
2). Diseased Minds
3). Leather, Studs, Whips, Scars
4). Symbol of 8 Dicks
5). Putrid Prophet
6). Slut Shaming
7). Hang The Bastards
8). Outro

The Review:  
Well, I wasn't sure what to expect from 'SLVT KVLT' from New Jersey maniacs Pink Mass...nor was I prepared for the raging cacophony of grinding punk nonsense these tracks contained.
From the bizarre “Intro”, right the way through to the “Outro” it's a melange of gimp mask clad insanity. Tracks like 'Diseased Minds' and 'Putrid Prophet' fly by in an instant but provide plenty of massive chugs to sink your teeth into. The brilliantly titled 'Symbol of 8 Dicks' is nasty and filthy in all the right places. There's no relenting here, just balls out noisy grind punk. 'Slut Shaming' is gone as quickly as it arrives, but leaves you feeling like you've had your entrails removed. 'Summoning The Grotesque' and 'Hang The Bastards' bring things to a skidding halt in a truly vicious fashion.
Music this outrageous is played late at night, when only the weirdest, most fiendish members of your circle of friends are still awake and everyone else has crashed. This tape gets broken out, some more substances are consumed, and shit gets even weirder. If this sounds like you, head on over to Against All Odds Productions' bandcamp page and order a fucking tape!
SLVT KVLT'” is available here

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