Friday 18 March 2016

The Sludgelord Song Premiere - "Godzilla" (Blue Oyster Cult) by Boudain

By: Aaron Pickford

Let’s face it, everyone loves a great cover version, an artist taking a classic song and putting their own unique imprint upon it.  All of your favourite bands have done it, in some capacity or another, through reinterpretation or a straight forward identical performance.  For example, some will love the Type O Negative cover of “Black Sabbath” and will be applauded for their ballsy reinterpretation of this Black Sabbath song, however conversely, it may seem misjudged and a step too far.   What is clear, is when a great track is done right, the band covering their influences can often open the gateway for fans to seek out the back catalogue of the band being covered, Blue Oyster Cult and Fu Manchu included. 

Today we offer up a ripping cover of “Godzilla” by North Louisiana stoner sludger Boudain, a track notably made famous by Blue Oyster Cult, but also recorded as a tribute to Fu Manchu too, who also covered this classic song.  “Godzilla” is taken from Boudain’s ripping new album 'Way of the Hoof' set to drop on (20/4/16) and can be ordered hereSo what you waiting for? “Go, Go Godzilla,”

“Way of the Hoof” track Listing:

1. Sleazy Feats
2. Neptune
4. 3 Man
5. First Class
6. The Mighty Turn Around
7. Disco Jimmy
8. Godzilla

Band info: facebook