Thursday 17 March 2016

The Sludgelord Video Premiere - Boston Masters, Gozu reveal debut video “Nature Boy”

By: Aaron Pickford

Undoubtedly one of the best things to come out of Boston, since Matt Damon, Gozu have been at the forefront of the stoner scene since their inception in 2009, achieving deserved critical acclaim for arguably one of the best records released on the revered label Small Stones Recordings during their 20 year existence.  That record was “Locust Season”.

3 years later would mark the release “The Fury A Patient Man”, and whilst it retained the core sound of the band, the outright heaviness and crush of “Locust Season” was a little more reigned in.  For me, Gozu are like a little nugget of gold, yet to fully realise their potential, however that is about to change with the release of their third full length.  Indeed as the name suggests, a “Revival” is at hand and Gozu are set to release a watershed record that will hopefully propel them into the big leagues.

After years playing live shows with the likes of St. Vitus, Pallbearer, Fu Manchu and Church Of Misery – in both the US and their first appearance in Europe at festivals such as Roadburn and Desert FestGozu set to work and entered Wild Arctic Studios in Portsmouth, NH to record album number three “Revival

Armed with their most solid line-up since the arrival of bassist Joe Grotto (Motherboar) and former Warhorse drummer Mike Hubbard, the eight tracks that make up their new studio album “Revival”, Gozu have returned to their heavier sound, matched with the bands best performance to date and with our very own Big Daddy Mac Gaffney, putting in his best vocal performance. 

The album is deservedly much anticipated and today, we have collaborated with the band and The Obelisk to premiere their awesome new video for “Nature Boy”.  Check it out below

 Gozu is

Marc Gaffney | Vocals, Guitar
Mike Hubbard | Drums
Doug Sherman | Guitar
Joe Grotto | Bass

Band info: Bandcamp | Facebook