Saturday 5 March 2016

“Big Riffs, Heavy Tones” - NOIZ All-Dayer Preview April 2nd 2016 @ Rebellion, Manchester, UK

By: Phil Weller

In Manchester, UK you will struggle to find a bigger champion of big riffs and heavy tones, of tidal sludge and dead-mongering doom as NOIZ promotion’s founder Eytan. And on April 2nd NOIZ Promotions takeover Rebellion to do just that; a venue that both physically and metaphorically stands up against the bullshit of the mainstream to wrap low down and dirty music under its ever-expanding wings. Situated on Deansgate, it stares across the road at a fleet of trendy cocktail bars, where egos, tracksuit bottoms, Nike Airs, fake tans and plastic drumbeats have full sway. It snarls at those places; a warm and welcome abode for the ‘outsiders’ who like their music a little more abrasive, a little less fabricated.
The bill is littered with names lauded frivolously on the hallowed pages of The Sludgelord – (Admiral Sir Cloudesley Shovell, Steak, Witchsorrow, Boss Keloid and more) – just looking at the poster is enough for any self-respecting Sludgelordian to pitch a gazebo in their trousers. 
Eytan’s battle plan then, is a simple one: “I enjoy putting bands on that don't come to the city often and putting my favourite local bands with them. I started NOIZ just under a year ago and hosted a few different kinds of event. So far booked around 50 bands.”
The inclusion of the rough, raw and ready old school rock n’ roll of the Admiral Sir Cloudesley Shovell, is the cherry on the top for him, he reveals: “I've managed to miss them each and every time I've wanted/attempted to see them, so as per with NOIZ, it was a selfish booking and one that I knew would enhance the lineup I was fleshing out. I think they'll bring a definite close to the event, no doubt it'll be messy down at the front and I think their raw vibe will be a perfect finale.
With the festival pulling in some shiny names from across the country, with Eytan saying desert rock fans would “be foolish to miss Steak”, it creates a foundation to flaunt the local talent: “All I can say about the locals is that you should go check them out right now, and a shout out to all of my mates who make up those bands.”
But who are those local acts?
Boss Keloid
Keloid are extremely difficult to define. At some points there's a meditative Om/Tool kind of quality, and then it goes... BROWN. The vocal performance on the new record is probably my joint-first favourite of any record I know from this area.”
Says Keloid bassist/brown bringer Adam Swarbrick: “It'll be our first show in quite a while, or at least what seems quite a while. It's been a very busy time for us, and we've had a few things to deal with in the time since our last show. So you can imagine, we're extremely hungry to launch a full scale herbal assault at NOIZ. I'm confident in speaking for all of us when I say we absolutely live for the live show. So having had more time away from the stage than we'd ideally have liked, NOIZ is a big event for us.”
Barbarian Hermit
“T'Hermit are an outstanding band that just seems to improve with every performance. I had them on at the MMC Weekender a month ago and they were many people's band of the weekend.”
PIST probably need no introduction from your readership. A warning would be polite if they do. In short, PIST don't party, they are party. Sonically, that is exactly what you get, but don't mistake that for 'silly', or 'novelty' - they are a pure, balls-to-wall metal band with a stoned groove and a drunken swagger.”
A band that usually top bills of this nature, this time around they’ll be treating us to a bright and early set, helping opening the event: “They do usually top the bills at larger events at Rebellion, they headlined the MMC Weekender to a packed house and it went crazy in there with stage diving and crowd-surfing. They're on early simply because they were added late on, but it does give me a very strong (and contrasting) opening pair.”
Almost definitely in the depths of some whirling drug binge, Admiral Sir Cloudesley Shovell sticksman Johnny Gorillar adds: “The Shovell love playin’ Manc; lovely people, good pubs and great audiences. Always a chore, never a pleasure - hold on - scratch that and reverse it!” A band who live and breath what rock n’ roll used to be – and refuse to accept and act like owt has changed, such is their charm – he continues: “we're going onto the studio the week before this gig, there's a few new 'uns in the set already, and at Roadburn we'll be previewing most if not ALL the new LP live. That way punters can record it and that will save Rise Above having to actually release the furker!” 
And with that, we anxiously cross the passing days of on our calendars and continue to prepare our livers for a heavy one and say our final goodbyes to our dignity. This event highlights the natural evolution of a promotions company with bigger plans yet still peaking over the horizon, as Eytan flirts with hints during our conversation.
“No doubt it's bigger [than previous NOIZ events], just look at the line-up! Also, we've had a great run of successful events in a short time, with mostly the same crew doing each event, a familiarity of sorts is setting in, and in a place with such a healthy and active community. That translates into word spreading like wildfire,” he explains.
“Like I said, I've so far booked around 50 bands as NOIZ and have three bands on the bookings roster: Boss Keloid, Dukatalon (UK only) and one TBA very soon. Also look out for the new label out of NOIZ Towers coming this year!
“Shout out to all the bands who are playing, all the bands who have played, all our crew, the supporters, everyone at Rebellion and Adam Swarbrick/Swarbuckle/SwarBROWN of Boss Keloid, and organiser of Riff Fest - look out for a VERY exciting NOIZ/Riff Fest collaboration early summer!”

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