Thursday 24 March 2016

The Sludgelord Song Premiere - "Ion Cloud" by Phantom Glue

By: Aaron Pickford

Today at The Sludgelord I am beyond stoked to reveal that Negative Fun Records and Phantom Glue are pleased to announce the band's long awaited third album will be soon be unleashed unto the world . Entitled “776” the record is scheduled for release on Friday, May 13th 2016 and will act as Phantom Glue's first full length release since 2013's critically acclaimed "A War Of Light Cones" (Black Market Activities), which I rated as my No.1 of that same year.  Despite a 3 year gap, members have remained active in Wormwood, Lunglust and The Proselyte, however this beast has finally arisen from hibernation to create their angriest and most outrageously heavy record to date. 

Negative Fun Records couldn’t be more accurate in terms of reference points to categorise Phantom Glue’s sound “integrating influences as seemingly disparate as noise rock, death metal and sludge/doom into a cohesive sound”.  Over the course of their nearly 15 year existence, Phantom Glue are as likely to reference Unwound as they are Morbid Angel and Neurosis. Their unique blend of sludge and noise rock puts them in a category of one, indeed it is not just their music that appeals, the band’s signature artwork by Matt Oakes is also totally unique and fits brilliantly with their music. 

Vocalist and rhythmm guitarist Matt Oates' vision of a mythological occult history (and apocalyptic future) of the Americas formed the basis for his lyrics and artwork for “776”, creating the aesthetic which has run through each of Phantom Glue's releases.  Negative Fun remarks that the third album's title—“776”, “explores an unwritten history of the United States a millennium before the signing of the Declaration of Independence”.

Recorded at New Alliance in Boston with Alec Rodriguez, who is known for his work with Forn“776” will be released on May 13th and is available to pre order here.You can listen to the opening track of the album “Ion Cloud” below. So, if you like your riffs weighty and you're a fan of High On Fire, The Melvins, Neurosis and Coliseum, what the fuck are you waiting for? Don't be the fool left in the corner regretting you never checked them out.  Press play and prepare to be crushed.

“776” track listing:

1. Ion Cloud
2. Hundred Hand
3. Somatic
4. A Worker-less Mill
5. Suttungr
6. Hocheims War
7. Gog Is Dead

Band info: bandcamp || facebook