Thursday 3 March 2016

Dead Feathers - "Dead Feathers" EP (Review)

By: Victor Van Ommen

Album Type: EP
Date Released: 26/02/2016
Label: HeviSike Records

“Dead Feathers” DD//LP track listing:

1). With Me
2). Night Child
3). Color Exhaustion
4). Horse & Sands

The Review:

Dead Feathers have been hanging around the retro-rock circuit for a little while now. In August of last year they made the scene with a digitally released EP that slowly turned the heads of music fans and labels alike. Rumor has it that a full-length is on its way but in the meantime HeviSike Records has grasped the opportunity to give this digital EP the vinyl treatment.

In four songs and twenty minutes, Dead Feathers serve up an interesting take on 70’s influenced psych-blues. At face value, the initial comparison to Blues Pills is one that’s easily made but not entirely accurate. Writing Dead Feathers off as a copycat band would not be giving them their due. The main difference between these two bands is how they control energy. Where Blues Pills bursts at the seams with fervor, Dead Feathers keeps things mellow.  

Mellow is good. Marissa Allen’s soothing, subtle vibrato is the secret weapon on this EP, coloring in the hypnotic push provided by the band. She creates a particular tension, inviting the listener to get lost, but the band never goes off the rail like the aforementioned Blues Pills. Instead, when the tension finally does break, it’s confined to the shadow of the dreamy production, presumably in an attempt to keep the vibe alive. This is a fairly unique way to control atmosphere and if Dead Feathers are able to play this out and hold the attention for a full-length album then they’re going to be a band to watch out for this year.

Dead Feathers” is available here

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