Saturday, 25 March 2017

ALBUM REVIEW: Ides - "Born To Run in Place"

By: Rick Ahmed

Album Type: Full Length
Date Released: 18/12/2016
Label: Serenity Now Tapes

“Born To Run in Place” CS//DD track listing:

1). Rt.3 Treadmill Blues
2). Motormouth
3). Surfwax Britannica
4). NPC
5). Tumor
6). Born To Run in Place
7). Refuse Refused
8). Party Martyrs
9). Pound of Flesh
10). Vacation from Nothing
11). Accelerated Decrepitude
12). Grief Cycle
13). Sorry, Nothing

The Review:

“Born To Run in Place” is New Jersey's Ides 6th release, with the first pressing of tapes out via Serenity Now Records. 13 songs that each have a distinct personality of their own, where you'll find new things with every listen. The album title is an obvious homage to fellow New Jersey rocker Bruce Springsteen. It's clever and a very succinct way to sum up what seems to be the overall theme of the album; working your ass off to exist with little or no reward.

In their most basic form Ides are metallic hardcore with a strong thrash influence. They have a way of throwing in chaotic parts and dynamic time changes to keep their songs interesting.  “Motormouth” starts thrashy, gets almost post hardcore in the middle before getting hard ass then abruptly ending. “NPC” starts with a classic tough guy hardcore feeling before the song picks up the pace and becomes frantic. The drum sound on this album is awesome, the best example of this is a short drum break in the end of the titular track. Have I mentioned how no two songs really sound alike? Even the minute long speedy bangers stand out from one another. The last track “Sorry, Nothing” starts with whale call sounding feedback, before a melancholy indie rock sounding intro with some introspective lyrics. 2 minutes in, the song becomes completely chaotic. It's enjoyable and nice feeling.

The vocals are feral. The mind's eye pictures starving animals fighting over scraps of food. The emphasis isn't on sounding brutal or tying to be melodic though, there's no posing here. Singer Jill sells every single word on this thing with emotion. The lyrics are well written, which is refreshing in a time when a lot of singers are pretty fucking lazy about their words. In conclusion this album rules and is streaming off of their bandcamp, so check it out.

“Born To Run in Place” is available here

Band info: bandcamp || facebook