Monday, 13 March 2017

TRACK PREMIERE: Atmospheric post metal collective Kenoma's journey of struggle, progress and regression delivers spell binding results with "1913"


Eleven years in the making, Dayton, Ohio atmospheric post metal collective KENOMA are set to release their highly anticipated debut full length record entitled, “The Tides Will Prevail” via Translation Loss. The album is set to hit the streets on 28 April 2017, but having flown under the radar following their contribution to the 2006 critically acclaimed split release with Mouth Of The Architect, “The Tides Will Prevail “could be considered something of a rebirth for the band. 

KENOMA began constructing their riff-filled peaks and valleys in 2005 and quickly became a sought after name. With their style of sludge-induced atmospheric instrumentals, KENOMA have etched their way into creating climatic and expansive journeys, pushing them to the forefront of their ever dilating genre. KENOMA creates landscapes you want to explore and get lost in. The subtle nuances of their valleys are mesmerizing and their peaks are crafted with boiling points overflowing with beauty. As for the 11 year gap between releases, bassist Doug McGinnis offers some insight on their journey that would eventually lead to the creation of their brilliant new album

Kenoma has been working through issues along with continued member changes since around 2005. Translation Loss provided us with an opportunity early on in our inception to do a split release with Mouth of the Architect. This opportunity came after our first show as a band. Kenoma jumped on the chance to release a split with our friends in MOTA. Looking back on the opportunity, it probably came a little early in our career. Collectively Kenoma walked away from the experience learning a lot, but none of us were very happy with the recording. We felt that it did not accurately represent the vision that we had in mind. After a few more line-up changes and some time off, Kenoma was reformed in its current state.

With this line-up Kenoma felt like we would finally be able to accurately represent the vision that had escaped us and decided to rework some of our older material. The songs came together great. We added a third guitar player and some soundscapes to complete our vision. The textures and tones of the songs were finally in place, so we decided that it was about time to head back into the studio.

“The Tides Will Prevail” is a very personal journey of struggle, progress, and regression. Kenoma has been able to weather the tides in order to finally produce a quality product. We, as a group, have come together, and in the face of adversity have been successful in finally bringing to life what we set out to create from the beginning. It has been a long process to get to this point, but through our strength and determination Kenoma has been able to bring to life the original vision that we had in our mind. “The Tides Will Prevail” is a look into the lives and times of everyone that had once been involved in Kenoma and the journey that it took for us to get to this place and time."

Translation Loss Records will release “The Tides Will Prevail” on multiple formats including a special edition, mailorder only coloured vinyl edition as well as compact disc and digital.  Today were excited to debut the track “1913” which you can check out below.  Was 11 years worth the wait, you decide? Pre-orders are available here.

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