Friday, 31 March 2017

INTERVIEW: "A Body of Work" - An Interview with Stefan Koglek of Colour Haze

By: Victor Van Ommen

Ah, Colour Haze. For 25 years, this German band has been gently making big waves in the heavy psych genre. Their grainy, organic sound and melodies are unique to Colour Haze and have set a blueprint to which other European psych bands are trying to play to.

This month, Colour Haze – Stefan Koglek on vocals and guitar, Philipp Rasthofer on bass, and Manfred Merwald on drums – released on CD yet another masterpiece of an album, “In Her Garden,” on their own Elektrohasch Records. The review for this album is pending until I receive the vinyl release, because that’s the best way to take this band in. The vinyl won’t be out until May so you'll just have to whet your appetite for more Colour Haze with the interview below.

Band info: official || facebook