Sunday, 26 March 2017

CANADIAN RIFFS: BINGE & PURGE - Botfly - “Denouement” (EP) & Lousy Riders – “Orphan"

By: Mark Tremblay

Botfly - “Denouement” (EP) (Halifax, Nova Scotia)

The Review:

One of the best kept secrets of Canada’s east coast return with their follow up EP “Denouement”; a bleaker and more metallic offering to their critically acclaimed full length “Hatch”.

The first track, “29/04/2015”, brings the classic sludge/noise-rock fusion of riffs akin to that of KEN mode. Botlfy, however, add their own twist by utilizing major chords during the song’s heaviest moments, a signature of the band.

The second side of the EP, “Homesick”, is an extremely dissonant track; a song about losing touch and growing apart. On this song, Botfly incorporate post metal into their sound. The softer, delay-heavy moments within this song compliment the aggressive riffs in a way which makes the best Botfly track to date.

Keep any eye out for Botlfy when the next full-length comes out.

Band info: bandcamp || facebook

Lousy Riders“Orphan” (Toronto, Ontario)

The Review:

“Orphan” is the perfect soundtrack to any 60’s biker film marathon. Lousy Rider is a two piece hailing from Toronto Ontario. The band also features regular collaborations from legendary Metal producer Greg Dawson, and jack-of-all-trades musician Mike Simpson.

The album features both ends of the stoner metal spectrum; the groove-oriented“fairy wear boots” style Sabbath worship, to something a bit more sinister. “Devil’s Chair”, “You Made Me”, and “Fake House Love” bring weight through crushing riffs, and off-kilter drum beats. These tracks are much more Metal than their previous EP, and showcase growth within the band. The Kyuss flair comes through with “Radiation” and “You Made Me” that focus on vocal harmonies that are seldom pulled off in modern stoner metal.

Like all great stoner metal albums, it ends with a classic instrumental jam track. Taking a page from Sons of Otis, Lousy Riders flex their musical chops to weave a delicate and haunting instrumental aptly titled “Stoned”.

Overall. If thick riffs and out-of- the box approaches to metal sub-genres is your kind of thing, Lousy Rider’s “Orphan” is a must check out for you.

Band info: bandcamp || facebook