Friday, 3 March 2017

EP PREMIERE: Indianapolis progressive sludgers Drude deliver a crushing self titled debut

In German folklore, a drude is a kind of malevolent nocturnal spirit associated with nightmares.  Today’s featured artist at The Sludgelord, Indianapolis progressive sludgers take the name Drude and play the kind of sludgy metal, that builds and destroys and then rebuilds 7 minutes at a time.  The band's sound is a dense and measured hybrid of doom, hesher and prog that sedates and bludgeons with equal abandon. In a musical environment where attention spans are null, Drude make music that commands attention and is the stuff of nightmare, creating their own brand of malevolent noise that will undoubtedly cause a stir within in the underground scene. 
Formerly known as BURN THE ARMY, Drude released their highly anticipated self titled EP today and you can check it out in full below.  You can pick up a copy here

Band info: facebook