Tuesday 7 March 2017

ALBUM PREMIERE: Dewar PR Winter Compliation

Dewar PR is pleased to present our latest compilation. This one is a special one for me as it also marks our third official year in business. On this compilation, we have a broad range of styles including sludge (Allfather, Glorious Rebellion, Volunteer), to death metal (Engraved Darkness, Nihilo) and everything in between. We've also included a new track from Napalm Ted that has never been released anywhere else before. I hope you enjoy and thank you to Aaron at The Sludgelord for all of his support throughout the last three years.  

The album is available for free here and you stream it in full below

1.Allfather-Inherit the Dust
2.Napalm Ted-The Deadline
3. Pseudo/Sentai-Werewolf Casey
5.Final Sign-Burn the Temple Down
6.Yeti on Horseback-Tree of Death
8.Dead Register-Grave
9.Engraved Darkness-Ritualistic Sins
10. Flidais-High Stakes
11.Dead Register-Grave
12.The Glorious Rebellion-Bitches Hate Misogyny
13. Czar-Too Many Yetis
14. Siderian-Lizard Method State
15. Ascentia-Catharsis
16. Nihilo-Death Swamp