Wednesday, 29 March 2017

TRACK PREMIERE: Remedy your musical hangover with Hair of the Dog's new single "This World Turns"

“This World Turns” is the third studio album from Scottish rock trio Hair of the Dog. Recorded and produced with Graeme Young of Chamber Studios (Hair of the Dog, The Siren's Song) and mixed by James Atkinson of the Gentlemans Pistols , “This World Turns” is Hair of the Dogs most experimental and adventurous album to date. As with previous albums, “This World Turns” acts as a snapshot of the bands life experiences - this time focusing on themes of maturity, responsibility and reflection:

"Since the release of our debut album, our lives have all changed rather drastically. Jon now has two kids, Iain is married and I'm engaged due to be married later this year! Naturally, these choices force you to reflect on your life, how you've lived it and how you WANT to live it moving forward. “This World Turns” is an album that focuses on the theme of viewing the world through aged eyes. We're not kids anymore, yeah we can still party with the best of them, but we always write truthfully and from the heart - so the themes throughout this album are a lot more mature as a result. The main message of the album, is that no matter what happens in your life, This World Turns -  that it always turn, so make the most of your time here, because as good ol'Bill said "This is Just a Ride".

“This World Turns” will be released on digital, CD and Vinyl via Kozmik Artifactz this summer but if the prospect of waiting that long is killing you, worry not because today, we can exclusively premiere a brand new track in the form of album opener “This World Turns”.  If that wasn’t enough the band are giving away the track for free, which you can download hereA Full track list for the album and artwork can also be viewed below. 

“This World Turns” CD//DD//LP track listing

1. This World Turns
2. Keeping Watch Over The Night
3. Ctrl-Alt-Delete
4. The Colours in Her Skin
5. In Death's Hands
6. 4AM

Band info: bandcamp || facebook || instagram