Sunday, 26 March 2017

6 NEW BANDS: Nikos Mixas' 666 Pack Review for March 2017

The 666 Pack Review

It’s the March edition of The Sludgelord’s 666 Pack Review and it’s time to clean out the chasm of demos sent to us this month. If you’re new to this, each and every month we handpick 6 review submissions and critique them by only using 6 words, then we rate them on a scale from 1 to 666!  In addition, this month we have included a bonus review, so be sure to check out that review as well as our awesome rating scale below: 

1 – Somehow you were missed when we were spring cleaning.  Goodbye.     
2Iron Maiden’sIdes of March” is still too much for you to handle.
3 – You’re average, just like corned beef and cabbage. 
4 – Just like spring, you warm our soul…
5 – You make other bands green with envy.
666 – March was named after Mars, the Roman God of war, and after listening to you, The Sludgelord want to go to battle!

March is when winter’s end is just around the corner and things start to bloom, including a new batch of bands.  The Sludgelord will listen to several dozen bands throughout the year but only some will be of his liking.  The Sludgelord is a picky listener…and doesn’t care what you think of his opinions….

1). Stonerror - “Stonerror” – (Krakow, Poland)    Rating: 3

Kyuss and Queens worship…not bad…

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2). Starmonger - “Revelation II”(Paris, France)   Rating: 4

Hook laden, stoner rock.  Oui, oui!

3). Dwaal - “Demo” – (Oslo, Norway)   Rating: 4

Doom on while you exit winter.

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4). Floods - “Floods” – (Brooklyn, NY)   Rating: 2

Super messy conglometion of several genres.

5). Cacus - “Dirty filthy godless” – (Copenhagen, Denmark)   Rating: 666

Unruly energized sludge ala Iron Monkey.

6). Montezuma’s Revenge - “Them” – (Moscow, Russia)   Rating: 666

Even more unruly sludge ala Eyehategod!

OroborO – “Baked Acid” By: Ben Fitts

Sometimes a title can perfectly encapsulate the essence of the work that it monikers. “Baked Acid”, the title of the newest demo from the Amherst, Massachusetts based experimental/heavy noise quartet OroborO, is a perfect example of such. “Baked Acid” is seven minutes of fizzy guitar fuzz, stomping grooves, potently jagged production and frantic, crazed, often shrieking vocals. The greatest strength of the lengthy track is the presence of numerous organically executed changes of pace, mood and dynamics. These stark contrasts exaggerate the characteristics of each new section, causing each one to be that much more distinctive. “Baked Acid” will swarm over your eardrums like a hive of mutant killer wasp and trap you in a toxic fog of sludgy riffs, grinding rhythms and top notch noise mongering.