Saturday, 11 March 2017

TRACK PREMIERE: Ontario stoner shoegaze trio Familiars debut "The Gardiner's Coming Down"

By: Victor Van Ommen

We have covered Familiars a couple of times over here at The Sludgelord. In case you missed those reviews, it’s not too late to catch up!

Familiars spend their time stomping around the Toronto area by way of hazy, low hanging guitars that are as much a wall of noise as they are drenched in melody. A sturdy groove runs the show, but never really breaks a sweat. This is music for those late nights with the lights dimmed low.

On Sunday, March 12, Familiars is releasing a new 7 inch (order it here ) and we have the honor to premiere the B-Side of this release. Press play below and check out this short interview we did with these Canadians.

Sludgelord: This is your third short release in as many years. What are the accomplishments/milestones Familiars have achieved in these years?

Jared: It feels great to all be on the same level, ironing out our live show, writing, and finding our sound has been really rewarding. And of course getting some wax out there is another big one for us. We're all vinyl guys so it's been a goal to put out a 7 inch since day one.

Sludgelord: The sleeve for the 7 inch is hand made. This gives the product a very personal touch and in doing so, bridges the gap between the listener and the band. Yet in this time of streaming and digital music, the idea of presenting a product sometimes gets left by the wayside. Can you tell us a little about the process of adding this personal touch to the 7 inch? What did it involve? How did you realize this idea? What drives you guys to want to do this? 

Jared: We did as much as we possibly could ourselves on this release.  The artwork and layout, silkscreened the covers and even carved our own stamps to mark each side of the vinyl. When buying something we appreciate knowing it was made with care by a person that has pride in the product, so hopefully when people get this in their hands they're going to feel that as well.

In a lot of ways we're just doing what we'd want to get from a band.  As much as everything is trending towards streaming and digital, there is still a demand for a physical unit.

Sludgelord: The release date for your 7 inch is Sunday, March 12. That's this month's full moon. Is there any relation between the release date and the full moon, and if so, what is the relation? What makes this date so special to the band?

Jared: Anytime we can get something to align with a full moon is a positive.  I wouldn't say we're really superstitious, but we do like the idea of them and rituals.  

I think the full moon stuff came from Neil Young, he only records on full moons. So it's partly a homage to Neil and partly because writing and recording on those days just seem to have a little more to it. 

Sludgelord: So, a full length. About time, right? Can you let us in on any tasty details about the album?

Jared: It's coming. We are writing it now.  We're all excited by the songs and writing.  
Our sound has evolved in a way, we flow a lot better with each other & the songs seem to reflect that.

Sludgelord: What record were you just now listening to? Which musician - living or dead - would you recommend it to and why?

Jared: We've had the new All Them Witches album on repeat.  As to whom I'd recommend it to… I think Neil would dig them, but he's strange so who knows.

And finally

Sludgeord: You've been offered to tour the world with none other than Nickelback! The contract states specifically that your only compensation would be limited to hotels, food, and drinks. Do you jump at the opportunity or do you send your Canadian brethren alone out on the road?

Jared: We'd do it, hopefully they'd be taking us to the UK. We wouldn't have to listen to their set each night would we?  Besides, I'm sure we could eat and drink our way into making it worth it. 
Anton would do it just for the free food.

The End

Band info: bandcamp || facebook