Tuesday 19 September 2017

ALBUM PREMIERE: Deadsmoke’s new record “Mountain Legacy” comes crashing down like the heavens themselves have cracked

You like your doom loud and vicious?  Then ask no more because today you shall receive it, indeed straight out of the ethereal haze and armed with a tone that could rupture the tectonic plate, Deadsmoke’s new record “Mountain Lagacy” comes crashing down like the heavens themselves have cracked. 

“Mountain Legacy” is set for release via Heavy Psych Sounds on 29th September and is the natural evolution for the band, whilst the album retains their archetypal deep fuzz guitar tone and the snarl of the bass, as a follow up to their 2015  self titled debut, “Mountain Legacy” ups the stakes and takes the listener on  a aural journey their debut only dared touch upon, a perfect juxtaposition of light and shade, this album is ultimately cavernous scale and could literally reduce mountains to dust.   

Taking cues from the likes of Conon, Monolord and the mighty Sleep, stylistic it may be rudimentary metal, but this is bludgeoning stuff and maddeningly effective doomentia, that will infect your mind and rattle your soul.  “Mountain Legacy” is available for preorder/buy here and you can check out the album in full below. 

Band info: bandcamp || facebook