Wednesday 26 December 2012

Absolute Blackness - Band To Check Out

Absolute Blackness are a Stoner Metal/Heavy Metal band from Thessaloniki, Greece

The members are:

Johnny Kuimas - Lead Guitars/e-Drums/Synth
Giotis Kuimas - Vocals/Guitars
Jimmys Kostantinidis - Bass

I will let the band do the talking themselves as they have provided a great in-depth bio

Absolute Blackness are two brothers from the city of Thessaloniki in Greece , Panagiotis and John they play generally metal music with influences from Black Sabbath , Orange Goblin , Zakk Wylde , Nightstalker , Spiritual Beggars but they're also influenced from groups like Pink Floyd and Led Zeppelin .
They started back on 2000 Johnny bought an Epiphone SG and started learning how to play , about 6 months later Giotis started singing and tried to learn how to play the guitar after he bought an Epiphone Les Paul ,in years another SG Epiphone came , a Stagg B-Bass , many BOSS pedals , two Marshall Amps, an SG Gibson , a Blackstar Amp and many Shure mics .

After trying to find a suitable name for their band they came to the name "Neutral Position" and produced an unofficial demo that included 3 tracks.

Cause of the "neutrality" of the name of the band they considered changing the name to a more suitable name closer to their thoughts and play style...Absolute Blackness was born!
Their first album "Across" had an unofficial release including 8 tracks , since then they keep writing until today , with the years they have created a large pool of unfinished songs and creative riffs from which they try to take the best of them and produce some good music with modern day influences and inspirations.
"The Room of Doom"...the place where Absolute Blackness records their music is a reality. Recording ,mixing ,writing ,graphics design and everything that has to do with the band has found its home.
2012 early...
A new band mate, a bass player and a graphic artist Jimmy has joined the band!!!

2012 end...
Their second album "Stoned" is ready for release , it will feature 11 tracks with pure stone/heavy metal atmosphere. This is their first time of trying to promote our songs by ourselves.

Well I have heard of a few tracks from the band they do know how to play a mean riff. It's not the most original of sounds but they know how to get the job done. If your a fan of Orange Goblin, Zakk Wylde and Black Sabbath then this should rock your fucking world.

Hopefully when the album is out the band will let me know and I will post links where you can get it. Highly Recommended.

No free downloads here just links to check this great band out.

And here some Links to listen their music: