Wednesday 12 December 2012

MAGE - Black Sands Review

Black Sands cover art

Mage are a Doom/Stoner Metal Band from the UK

The members are:

Ben - Guitar
Andy - Drums
Tom - Vocals
Mark - Bass
Woody - Guitar

Mage play a whirlwind style of Stoner Metal mixing in Doom, Fuzz, and Desert Rock and even thrash metal to crush the senses to. They have just released their superb debut album – Black Sands. A 39-minute blast of pulsating riffs spread over 10 equally loud tracks.

If you are looking for a sophisticated album then please move on as Mage are not that type of band. These guys have been brought up on a steady diet of Pantera, Down, Dozer and Orange Goblin. And they are ready to show the world what they are made of.

First track – Cosmic Cruiser X – is a wake up call to all disgruntled Stoner Rockers everywhere. A NOLA style riff soon gets the atmosphere rocking in no time at all with lyrics that remind me of early era Orange Goblin and that is no bad thing in my book. Just a great opening track to show you what these talented rockers are capable of.

Up next is Degenerate – A 3:39-minute track combining Thrash Metal and Stoner to great effect. It is not the most original of sounds but Mage are excellent musicians and this song features great riffs and hard-hitting vocals to match.

The next track – Rust - starts with great Thrash riff that is a throwback to the golden age of thrash match with superb heavy poundings of modern based Doom Metal. Imagine Orange Goblin jamming with Metallica and the end result will sound like this. A storming track to get your blood-pumping while head-banging your heart out.

For the remaining tracks of the album, Mage do not stray away from this winning formula. They show you can play fast paced riffs with the best of them in the business. Tracks such as Star Born and Drowning Doom showcasing their talents to even greater effect. Vocalist Tom has a real commanding presence about him. When he sings you sit up and take notice. A proper lead singer to front these band of Stoner Rock Outlaws.

But wait the guys do have a mellower Stoner Metal side. Check out the best track on the album – Surfing Temporal Tides. A 4:21 minute blast of great Fuzz/Stoner Rock riffage with a great chorus that will have you singing at the top of your lungs. Especially the opening two mins or so. This would go down a storm in a gig. Proper classic Moshpit material.

Mage have delivered a top-notch Stoner Metal album for their debut release. It showcases another great Stoner Metal band to check out from the UK Stoner Metal Scene.

The album is expertly produced and you can hear everything loud and crisp. The way good Stoner Metal should be. If you are a fan of Orange Goblin then give Mage a try as these guys could be natural successors to Orange Goblin’s crown. Though they might have a long wait yet. But they are on the right path.

Superb and Highly Recommended.

You can buy Black Sands from Mage BandCamp Page on Digital and Physical Releases. The album is being released by the excellent record label – Witch Hunter Records.

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