Friday 7 December 2012

Wretches - Dreamcrusher - Review


Wretches are a Doom/Sludge Metal Band from Dubuque, IA, USA

The members are:

Alex Baumann
Michael Minard
Alan Jackson
Rockwel Heim

Wretches classify themselves as a Doom/Sludge Metal band but there is so much more to their music. They have elements of DJent, Deathcore and Hardcore to their music. Their blend of music is unrelentless in its brutality and the delivery that it's played in.

They are about to release their stunning debut album - Dreamcrusher - An 8 song and almost 30 minute blast that will totally destroy any happy moods or feelings you currently have.

Dreamcrusher is an apt title as it will destroy everything in it's wake. Opening track - Serotonin - shows what this band is all about. Heavy pummelling riffs that goes through Death Metal, Sludge and Doom with relevant ease with blistering hardcore/death metal vocals to match.

Most of the tracks run for around 2 mins to 3 mins in length so it's a fucking great job that Wretches know how to pack as many ugly and hard hitting riffs in a short space of time. They add slow pounding riffs and heavy brutal fast paced riffs in perfect unison.

Check out excellent tracks - I Am The Drought I Am The Flood, The Dead Seas Strolls and Off Like A Prom Dress.

Wretches channel so many bands energy it's hard to keep score but they do add their own originality as you can't describe which fucking genre they belong in.

I tell you one thing - Wretches are brilliantly talented musicians. The way they go through the genres with the intricate riffs on show is something to behold.

I can tell these guys are big Devin Townsend fans as Off Like A Prom Dress has a great Devin Townsend/Strapping Young Lad vibe all over it.

Wretches save the best song for last. The awesome 8 minute title track which has a sinister atmosphere to it with slow pounding riffs as well. Wretches even add a cold calculating Ambient Drone vibe to this track as well. An excellent and brutal end to this superb album.

Wretches should be proud of this release as it hits all the right notes for all us Extreme Metal fans out there. Yeah it might be on the short side but what a fucking ride.

Excellent and Highly Recommended.

Dreamcrusher will be available to buy from BandCamp on 14th December 2012.

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