Saturday 1 December 2012

BEAR FIGHT! - New Song and Album Trailer

BEAR FIGHT! are a Sludge/Stoner Metal Band from Savannah, USA.

The members are:

Matt - Guitar/Vocals
Jeff - Guitar/Vocals
Christian - Guitar
Colin - Bass/Vocals
Lee - Drums/Beard

BEAR FIGHT! are probably my fave discovery of 2012 in the Sludge/Stoner Metal Scene. I have reviewed their stunning debut album - GNARMAGEDDON earlier this year. And I have interviewed these hugely talented rockers here:

Well BEAR FIGHT! are putting the finishing touches to their new release in 2013. An Album/DVD package no less. Well the guys have kindly sent me the trailer on what to expect and it sounds fucking awesome.

Check The Video Below for No Mind.

A stunning track that shows that Bear Fight! are back better than ever. 2013 can't come soon enough. Brilliant.

Check This Great Band Below: