Wednesday 26 December 2012

Black Table

Sentinel cover art

Black Table are an Experimental Post-Metal/Black Metal Band from NY/NJ, USA

The members are: Mers Sumida, Ryan Fleming, Mike Kadnar, Matt Mellon

Black Table describe themselves as the following: "post-metal/post-black metal/experimental/viking innuit metal/ and none of these"

Well I will just call them a fucking brilliant Experimental Post-Metal Band blending Black Metal to great effect.

Their debut release - Sentinel - is a pure work of fucking genius. Great lyrics, vocals and riffs to showcase this great band's talents.

Sentinel marks the arrival of a truly great band. Black Table are the real deal. A true original band in the realm of Extreme Metal.

The 4 tracks and 25 mins just flies by with it's sheer brilliance. The first track - Heist - instantly takes over your entire being. The sludge/post-metal vibes with the harsh black metal vocals feels like this band has been around a long, long time.

The amazing title track - Sentinel - is up next and its 8:30 minutes of brilliant Post-Metal/Post-Black Metal riffs that you will instantly be playing over and over again like I did.

Seriously Sentinel is an astonishing work from a truly great band that I will definitely be keeping an eye on as I expect bigger and better things from this amazing band.

They have delivered a genre defining release that will astound you with its ideas and creativity of riffs in equal measure.

I loved every fucking second of this EP. I can't recommend it highly enough. So headover to BandCamp right now and check this amazing band for yourself. It's on Pay Anything Type Deal. I don't think it will be their for long when word gets out about Black Table as they are seriously that great.

Amazing, Brilliant and most definitely Highly Recommended. - One Word - WOW.

Check This Great Band Below:

Check out the fucking amazing - Heist. Awesome Stuff.