Friday 7 December 2012

ARBOGAST - I - Album Review

I cover art

Arbogast are a Sludge/Doom/Thrash/Punk Metal Band from Chicago, USA

The members are:

aaron roemig vox/bass
mike rataj drums
mike scheid guitar/vox/hammond

Arbogast play fast and furious Sludge Metal blended with Hard Hitting Doom, Hardcore Punk and Thrash Metal thrown in for great measure.

They have just released their excellent debut album - I - A 11 song and 43 minute blast of top-notch angry based Sludge Riffs.

Arbogast start the album off with a haunting ambient instrumental rock track entitled Black With Birds. A 1.40 minute soothing track to get you in the mood. But this track is more of a false start before the real Arbogast come out to play.

Next track - Final Throes - showcases the real Arbogast. Loud, angry and primal Sludge Metal carnage with pissed off vocals to match. Things get heavy very quickly and they stay that way through the entire album.

If your a fan of Taint and High On Fire then Arbogast are the band for you. As they play the same style of Sludge Metal to headbang the fuck out to.

Other great tracks to check out are: Unnamed Guns, Behind The Guise and Soulsfate. All great tracks showcasing another great band to check out. Arbogast know how to write and play a mean loud angry riff which blends the different styles amazingly well.

For a 3 Piece band these guys are very loud. It felt like I was listening to a 5 Piece band. The album can be very bleak at times with both the lyrics and haunting riffs on show. A very hard thing to do in this style of fast paced Sludge Metal. Arbogast pull no punches and they go out all guns blazing through out the entire album.

Arbogast have released a stunning and outstanding album that should hopefully propel them amongst the elite of Sludge Metal as they have some major fucking talent that deserves to be heard on a bigger stage as possible.

Excellent and Highly Recommended.

You can buy their debut album from BandCamp on both Physical and Digital Releases now.

Check This Excellent Band Below: