Saturday 22 December 2012

The Black Widow’s Project - Heavy Heart Review

Heavy Heart cover art

The Black Widow’s Project is a Hard Rock/Stoner Rock Band from Switzerland

The members are:

Al Castro : Vocal & Guitar
Raph Legend : Bass
Mathieu Sink : Drums & Percussions

The Black Widow’s Project play an intriguing blend of Hard Rock, Punk, Grunge and Stoner Rock with a snarling attitude to match the hugely enjoyable riffs on show.

They may not be the most sophisticated band around but they do have some great songs to check out on their excellent debut album – Heavy Heart.

Heavy Heart features 14 heavy slabs of in your face great music that leave you with big smile on your face. I am not going to a song-by-song review, as 14 songs is quite a lot of songs to go through. All I will say if you like short, sharp, fast-paced Stoner Rock riffs with an unrelenting Hard Rock Attitude then The Black Widows Project is the band for you. It might take you a couple of listens to get used to the vocals but once you do your in a for a wild ride.

The band take influence from a whole range of bands from the last 40 years or so from the Hard Rock/Stoner Rock fields but still have a refreshing modern day vibe about them.

Check out excellent tracks – Ha Ha Ha Uh, Love’s A Weapon, The 5th and Ain’t Gonna Tell U Lies to show what this great band can do.

As stated before they may not be the most sophisticated or original of bands but Heavy Heart shows this band has a lot of great energy, which will have you rocking in no time at all. They have written some excellent rock songs that should gain them a whole lot of fans within the Stoner Rock scene.

My only compliant that some of the songs sound quite similar to each other so maybe with future releases they can add something different to some of the songs. However, apart from that The Black Widow’s Project know how to have fun and rock out with the best of them. And that’s all you need from a great band like this.

Overall – Heavy Heart – is an album I will be coming back to time and time again. It’s expertly produced and performed by all involved and this is a release that should find a solid fan base.

Hugely Enjoyable and Highly Recommended.

You can buy Heavy Heart from all good stockists now.

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