Saturday 22 December 2012

Blckwvs - 0150 - Album Review

Blckwvs is an Instrumental Sludge/Post-Metal Band from Germany

The members are: frankytwofinger, stevesixstring, chrisfourstring, tommec lánimal

Blckwvs is a brilliant Instrumental Sludge Metal band blending elements of Post-Rock, Doom and Post-Metal to devastating effect. They have released a string of acclaimed albums over the last few years and it’s not hard to see why.

They harness the heaviness of Sunn 0))) with the creative intensity of Pelican but still done with a unique style of their own.

Now I must admit I am a huge of this great band. I have loved every album they have released so far but their latest album 0150 is their heaviest and greatest work to date.

0150 is a stunning achievement for this great band. They have added heavier riffs than ever before. Blckwvs have a majestic way of blending the genres together to deliver a truly devastating force of nature that will shatter your inception of heavy instrumental music. This album feels alive from the word go and it will last long in the memory when the 8 tracks and 40 minutes are finally over.

By then Blckwvs have taken over your body, mind and soul. First track – 0151 – will leave you amazed from the word go. The 2:29 minutes just flies by and destroys everything in its wake.

If you enjoyed the recent Lento album then you’re going to love this even more as I did. Blckwvs blend Sludge, Doom, Post-Metal, Post Rock and Ambient Sounds to brutal and brilliant effect. This is an album you have to listen to over and over again to get the full effect, as one listen is never enough.

All of the tracks on the album have a life of their own and each track will bring out a different emotion from the listener. Especially tracks such as 0152, 0154, 0157 and 0158. These tracks show the true testament of Blckwvs talent of writing a wonderful and hard-hitting Instrumental Sludge Metal track.

Especially the 8:15 minute epic – 0154 – which blends awesome Sludge/Post-Metal riffs with sublime sultry female vocals to portray a deeply unflinching and unstoppable Sludge/Post-Metal track that ISIS would be proud to call their own.

Most of you will know Blckwvs are one of the finest and most inventive Sludge/Post-Metal bands that Germany has to offer at the moment.

They have delivered their career-defining masterpiece and one that should cement their reputation as one of the best Instrumental Sludge/Post-Metal bands around. Blackwvs can be mentioned in the same breath as Pelican and Russian Circles. They have the talent and vision to play with the very best of them.

0150 is brilliantly produced and showcases Blckwvs music to loud and ear-splitting brilliance. Once you listen to this album, you will instantly be hooked.

A brilliant album you all need in your record collection right now. Awesome and Highly Recommended.

0150 is available to buy on This Charming Man Records from all good stockists now. I thank This Charming Man Records for letting me review it as well.

Check This Great Band Below.