Wednesday 12 December 2012


Another Headache cover art

Muddy Miles is a Psych/Space/Prog Rock Band from London/Bristol, UK.

The members are:

Andy - Drums
Muhebur - Guitar & Vox
Tariq - Bass

Muddy Miles are an Alternative Rock/Metal band incorporating Psych Rock/Space Rock and Prog Metal into their music. Their main influences are Tool, ISIS and Pink Floyd.

They have just released their brilliant debut album - Another Headache - A 6 song and 39 minute blast of out there riffs transcending all of the genres involved.

This album might give you a headache with just the amount of great riffs on show. OK Muddy Miles wear there influences on their sleeve but when it's 3 of the best bands in the Progressive Rock/Metal field, you know your in for a fucking great time.

To the bands credit they have released something that is undeniable epic in scope and nature. If your a fan of the 3 bands mentioned above then your going to to love this.

I would love to call Muddy Miles a Post-Metal band but they are a lot more than that. The opening riffs of first track - Demur - will instantly draw you into their loud and heavy magical world.

Check out the amazing album cover. It shows you what to expect on this stunning album.

The 6 songs are brilliantly put together. Superb lyrics that gives each song a life of their own. The albums title track has riffs that recall Tool at their majestic best but the band add Space Rock riffage to lay their own foundations within the Progressive Metal field.

Muhebar's vocals are sublime through out. They have right amount of passion and drive for an album like this.

It's brilliantly produced and showcases the bands talents to perfection. This is an album where one listen is never enough as it has a lot going in the background.. So have a few listens to get the full picture. But once you do your in for a brilliant and wild ride.

Check out the two brilliant 9 minute epic tracks - Embryo and How About A Nice Cup Of Tea - for more evidence about this bands undeniable talent.

If you want a copy of this amazing album then head over to BandCamp right now. As they only have a limited number of 200 downloads before it goes to full price. So headover now and get yourself immersed with Muddy Miles. You won't be disappointed.

Fucking Brilliant and Highly Recommended.

Check This Excellent Band Below:


Another Headache is out on Compulsion Records. Available on CD / 12 LP / Digital via Itunes, bandcamp, amazon and stream-able on Spofity

Check out the superb - Another Headache - from the video below.