Saturday 1 December 2012

Machine - Behind The Trees Review

Machine is an Alt Rock/Grunge/Stoner Rock Band from Copenhagen, Denmark

The members are;

Kristoffer Buch - vocals, guitar
Jonas Petersen - bass
Peter Hove - guitar, vocals
Ulf Hove - drums

Well what we have is Machine a Stoner Rock band influenced by the 90's rock scene as they incorporate Grunge and Alt Rock to superb effect.

It might not be the most original of sounds but their stunning 2011 debut album - Behind The Trees - feels like a time capsule from the music of my younger days but brought up-to-date with kick-ass modern Stoner Rock riffs.

The 10 tracks and 40 minutes on show here felt like my own personal time machine. I could hear shades of the 90's sound of Feeder, Foo Fighters and The Smashing Pumpkins but with a harder QOTSA edge coming in at times

The first few tracks - From My Mouth, So Surreal and A Head Full Of Nothing set the scene brilliantly well. They capture the Alt Rock vibe superbly well showcasing crunching guitars and spiked tender vocals as well.  These tracks would go down a storm in the live circuit as they have a Foo Fighters type vibe where your rocking out one minute and then singing along the next.

It's around track 5 - Taking Home The Pet - is where Machine start getting more adventerous. Adding harder vocals and Stoner Rock riffs that goes against what has came before it. And it's a welcome addition. It shows the band is not afraid to play about with their sound. It has a rather dark edge to it as well. Great Stuff.

Next track- Flick Of Light - adds a snarling punk attitude to proceedings. A 4:28 minute blast of Stoner/Grunge Rock riffs that harks back to earlier Foo Fighters but with more added aggression. The final 40 seconds or so will have you head-banging in no time at all with fists in the air as well. 

Machine keep up the balance of modern fast paced Stoner Rock riffs against the poppier Alt-Rock/Grunge vibes that they showed earlier on. And it's a winning combination that has seen Machine win some major praise in their homeland.

Behind The Trees while not the most of original sounds it's still a stunning collection of tracks that you all should check out now. Highly Recommended.

Check This Great Band Below: