Wednesday, 11 February 2015

A Horrible Death To A Horrible Man - Escape Escape (Mini-Album Review)

Album Type: Mini-Album
Date Released: 23rd March 2015
Label: Target/Mighty Music

Escape Escape – Track Listing

Drifting Through
A Sudden Violent Displeasure
Resurrection Creek
There Is A Tide
A Radient City Return Trip


A Horrible Death To A Horrible Man is a new sinister noise rock quartet that mixes noisy and heavy riffs, along with a personal text universe delivered with a mesmerizing vocals.

The band consists of four old friends, assembled by the ashes of defunct, Copenhagen underground bands, with a desire to take their respective musical ambitions and put them together in a band and in a genre that until now have been under-represented in the Danish music environment - namely heavy and uncompromising noise rock.

The motivation was a desire to write heavy and dark songs, a mood that everyone in the band could relate to. They worked hard in rehearsal, writing songs meant to draw people into their universe and get their chances challenged.

The band managed to get Tore Nissen (Oh Land) and Manoj Ramdas (The Raveonettes, Black Sun, The Good The Bad, SPEKTR) as producers, who both was immediately sucked into the bands gloomy universe.

This cooperation led the music out in some experimental corners, but without departing from the goal as the band had set itself from the outset. The atmosphere is dark and gloomy, the music is heavy " and the lyrical universe is very personal, based on own life events. A genre the band themselves have labeled as Post-Traumatic Rock.


Christian Lee, Nick Ebert, Jesper Hesselbech, Peter Strange Echwald


A Horrible Death To A Horrible Man is a Noise Rock Quartet from Denmark dealing in gloomy atmospheric rock that combines Grunge, Stoner, and Sludge for one bleak vision. Their debut mini-album - Escape Escape - features 5 songs and runs for 25 mins or so. It took me a few listens to actually enjoy this release but now I can't get enough of it as these guys bring back memories of Alice In Chains in their prime especially with the vocals.

Opening track - Drifting Through - starts with a mean and moody guitar riff that explodes into something louder and more meaningful. And then BAM - The vocals are very reminiscent of Layne Staley as this song is purely a dark rock fable with elements of Noise and Sludge drifting here and there. A Horrible Death To A Horrible Man call their music Post-Traumatic Noise Rock and it's quite a fitting term as the band doesn’t stray to far away from the darkness. The music and vocals are distorted at times as the band build up the tension with some exciting riffs to fully experience.

2nd track - A Sudden Violent Displeasure carries on the 90s Seattle Grunge vibe though outbursts of angry sludge rock adding a fresh spin in noise rock brutality. It's a very a bass heavy affair especially in the middle of the song. One area A Horrible Death To A Horrible Man where excel at the most is the volume dept, as this release is heavy as heck no matter what volume you listen to.

3rd track - Resurrection Creek - adds a subtle slab of Stoner Rock where the riffs become ever more confident and the vocals are less chaotic. Wait until the final 90 seconds as the band do something unexpected as they venture into Queens Of The Stone Age territory as there's a great piano piece joined with some Josh Homme style guitar worship. Though they still so damn exciting and original on their own terms. It's a dark and brooding experience where the band prove that a mini album isn't enough justice to fully capture the raw energy the band have to offer for everyone to witness.

There are still two great tracks left to check out - There Is A Tide and A Radient City Return Trip that sees the band unleash more of their self proclaimed - "Post Traumatic Noise Rock" with traces of psychedelic rock being added just for the sheer fun of it. Escape Escape proves that AHDTOHM have released a record that demands your full attention and more importantly, your respect. It's a stunning record. Bring on the full length record.

Thanks to Target/Mighty Music for the promo. Escape Escape is available to buy on CD/DD/Vinyl from March 23rd 2015.

Words by Steve Howe

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