Friday 15 June 2012

CARAVAN OF WHORES - Road To Kurti Review

Caravan Of Whores Is a Desert Rock/Stoner/Doom Metal Band from UK

The members are:

Pete = Bass + Vocals
John = Guitar
Jamie = Drums

Caravan Of Whores play a great blend of Stoner Metal mixed in with elements of Desert Rock and Doom Metal to truly hypnotic effect. Taking influence from KYUSS, Sabbath and Monster Magnet but adding a cool Desert Rock vibe to proceedings.

These guys have been on this blog before last year when I reviewed their brilliant debut release – A Cosmic Interlude.

Well the guys are back with their highly impressive new release – Road To Kurti. A 4 song and 29 minute blast of sublime Stoner Metal riffs that adds a cool out-of-this-world Space Rock vibe to proceedings.

Especially on first track – Drug Queen. A 7:20 minute blast of top-notch Stoner Metal riffage from one of the best underground bands the UK has to offer.

Imagine if KYUSS when full-on Space Rock. This track would be the warped out result.

Next up is “Mr Bendy Man”. Another 7 minute plus epic which is very experimental in tone especially with the vocals which give this sublime track a great psychedelic edge. You still get some cool Stoner Metal riffs with a slight eastern vibe.

The band have come on leaps and bounds from their excellent last EP. You can tell as the musicianship has came on leaps and bounds. And the lyrics have a great world weary traveller vibe to them. Wait till the excellent far out there psych riff kicks in around the 4th minute that takes this track into another dimension of potential greatness. Awesome stuff.

Next up is the albums standout track – The 9 minute epic – Your God Is Dead is where the band come into their own. This song has it all. Full of excellent Stoner Riffs, heavy pounding drumming and an eerie loud atmosphere to chill the soul to. The vocals have the power and passion to send chills down your soul. A superb highly atmospheric track from start to finish.

Last but by no means least is the 5:18 minute track – “Waiting” – A more straight forward Stoner Metal song these guys are masters at. As before it mixes the genres brilliantly well with great gruff vocals to match. This track ends this wonderful release on a great high.

It’s a shame this release has to end as I was fully getting into it. I wanted this cosmic band of rockers to carry on their far out Space Rock/Stoner Metal journey into the unknown. Maybe next time on hopefully their eagerly waited full length record.

As Caravan Of Whores have proved they have the potential to release something truly special. This release is expertly produced and performed by all involved and shows why the UK has such a well respected and admired Stoner/Sludge Metal scene.

If bands like Caravan, CONAN, Wizard’s Beard, Caretaker and Undersmile are around then the UK has a lot of offer for a very long time to come. Releases like this prove this without a doubt.

This release will be available from the band’s BandCamp Page very soon. If you like what you hear head over to their BandCamp Page and download their previous excellent release – A Cosmic Interlude on Pay Anything You Want Type Deal.

Another excellent release from this hugely talented band. This will be released very soon.

Highly Recommended.

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