Saturday 9 June 2012

SERIAL HAWK - Buried In The Gray Review


Serial Hawk is a Sludge Metal Band from Seattle, USA

The members are: Will, Adam, Justin

Serial Hawk are an excellent hard hitting Sludge Metal band blending Sludge, Stoner, Hardcore Metal to hypnotic effect. They released their brilliant S/T demo in 2011 for free download from BandCamp.

It got a lot of praise from various blogs (apart from mine as I was too stupid to remember to publish it) as it showed what this great band can do on any given day. Playing hard-hitting Sludge Metal riffs with great Stoner/Hardcore riffs blended in as well.

Well the guys are back with their first proper release and amazing EP – “Buried In The Gray”. This is a 4 song and 26 minute masterclass of top-notch sublime Sludge Metal riffs.

It has been engineered by Adam Pike who has produced for great bands such as Red Fang, Black Elk, Norska, White Orange - And you can tell. Serial Hawk’s latest release is a joy to behold of epic gigantic Sludge Riffs.

The 26 minutes just flies by. Even though it’s only 4 tracks in total, they show how Serial Hawk has come on leaps and bounds since their excellent S/T demo. The songs are heavier and catchier than ever before. The guys are a lot more tighter as well.

The standout track on this brilliant release is the 9:26 minute epic track – Silence Means Nothing. This song is worth it for the EP alone. A monolithic masterpiece with some of the best bass lines I have heard this year.

Full of passionate vocals this track just takes this EP into another level. The other 3 tracks are superb tracks in their own right as well. Especially – Watch It Burn. A 7:45 minute blast of more amazing riffs and great vocals to match.

If this is the sign of things to come then you can definitely consider me a fan of this great band. So much so I ordered the 12inch Vinyl as soon as I heard it. This is something special in my humble opinion.

Serial Hawk has released something truly special here. This will definitely be getting a lot of praise in the next coming weeks and months or so. If your into mid-paced Sludge Metal with heavy pounding drum beats and bass lines to match then get checking this great band now.

If your into Unsane and Kowloon Walled City then your going to love this. As they share a lot of traits with both of those great bands but they still have their own sense of identity and purpose.

All in all this is an outstanding record that you would be proud to have in your collection. It’s seriously that great. It’s now time for these guys to release their debut full length record.

Serial Hawk has just become one of my acts of 2012 to look out for. Brilliant and Highly Recommended.

You can buy “Buried In The Gray” on physical and digital versions on Bandcamp now. So get checking them now.

Check This Great Band Below: