Monday 4 June 2012


Dust Storm Warning cover art

DSW are a Desert Rock/Fuzz Rock/Stoner Rock Band from Lecce, Italy

The members are:

Stefano - Bass Guitar
Marco - Guitar
Fabio - Drums
"Wolf" - Vocals

I was emailed by Luca from Acid Cosmonaut Records to check out this brilliant band - DSW that are signed to his label.

Well DSW are a brilliant Desert Rock/Fuzz/Stoner Rock band influenced by the legendary bands of the Stoner Rock scene but set in a modern day hard rocking vibe.

They have just released their brilliant debut album "DUST STORM WARNING" which is a 11 song and 54 minute blast of top-notch Desert/Stoner Rock riffs.

If your into KYUSS, Fu Manchu, Monster Magnet then your going to dig this amazing album as it contains the same type of hard rocking kick-ass riffs that those great bands are known for and then some.

This album just plain flat out rocks from start to finish. It's already being featured on the great blogs such as A Distant Rumble.

The album is full of sublime tracks that will have you rocking in no time at all. There is not one bad track at all on this outstanding album. The riffs and vocals just match each other brilliantly well.

Wolf (Vocalist) sounds like a grizzled world weary John Garcia in his prime. He is one heck of a vocalist who sings with passion and straight from the heart.

Check out brilliant tracks - "Outrun", "Space Cubeship", "Dune" and "Requiem". These tracks show what a truly talented band DSW are. And they are another brilliant Stoner Rock band coming from Italy.

The production is immense. Play this album loud to get the full desired effect.

A brilliant album by a great band to keep an eye out for. Simply Unmissable.

What is even better you can download this amazing album on BandCamp Pay Anything You Want Type Deal. So head over there now and get some DSW in your life.

You can buy your CD from the BandCamp Page as well.

If you like what you hear then head over to DSW's Jamendo Page and download their excellent previous release for free right now.

Check This Great Band Below: