Tuesday 19 June 2012

The Black Lantern

Helicopter/Bombs Away 7-inch cover art

The Black Lantern a Noise Rock/Punk Rock/Alt Rock band from Long Beach California.

The members are:

Russell - bass
Jesse - drums
Andy - guitar
Wendy - voice

The Black Lantern are a brilliantly cool Noise Rock/Punk Rock/Alt Rock Band who contacted me recently due to Aaron's awesome recent review of the new ÆGES album we recently published.

Well I decided to check them out and I was pleasantly surprised to what I found. The Black Lantern just plain out fucking rock. They play a loud kind of Noise Rock mixed in with Punk and Alt Rock influences.

They have an awesome 7 inch release called "Helicopter​/​Bombs Away" which shows how good this band actually are. Which you can download on BandCamp Pay Anything You Want Type Deal.

Even though it's only on for 7 minutes or so. It does show what a supremely talented band are. And in Wendy they have a frontwoman with a fierce voice and fierce attitude to match.

Loud distorted screechy guitars are the main driving force behind this great band coupled with Wnedy's awesome vocals. This is a band that have the potential to be going places.

They have the power and aggression of a band that have been around for decades not just a short time which is what this band have.

They have already supported ÆGES in their short lifespan.

So headover to BandCamp and the links below and check out a great rock band.
When these guys release a proper EP, Split or Full Length I will definitely be checking them out.

Great Stuff and Highly Recommended.
Check This Great Band Below