Saturday 9 June 2012

Reserve De Marche Are Back!!!

The Last Twenty Years cover art

Reserve De Marche are a Post-Rock/Post-Metal Band Russia

The members are:

Alexander Alekseyev - Guitars, Dmitry Pomogayev - Drums, Andrey Bagdasarov - Bass

Reserve De Marche are an outstanding Post-Rock/Post-Metal band coming out of Russia recently. 

They have been featured on this blog before with their superb debut album released last year.

Well the guys are back with their proper debut full length record – The Last Twenty Years. A 7 song collection of superb instrumental Post-Rock/Post-Metal tracks that will leave you with a sense of warmth and euphoria in equal measure.

If your into Pelican, Russian Circles, Mono and other bands of that status then your going to dig this great band.

OK 4 of the songs on this collection were on their debut release last year but they have been cleaned up and professionally re-recorded and you have 3 entirely new tracks as well.

Their press bio will explain more.

"The Last Twenty years is a debut full-length album by Reserve de Marche. It features 3 new tracks and 4 re-mastered tracks with re-recorded guitar from their 2011 demo (7 tracks – 50 min.), released on May 20, 2012 through independent progressive label MALS Records.

Guitarist Alexander Alekseev about the album:

'We have been working on this CD for almost two years trying to make it sounds like we really want. Personally for me it is dedicated to all the 20 years I've been playing music. This album is a result of our musical and social experience. A lot of things have happened in music, in our lives and in our country during this time. The Last Twenty Years turned out to be what it should be'.

The Last Twenty Years is still a sublime album that will have you coming back for more. Its full of highly emotional Post-Rock/Post-Metal riffs that all the top Post-Metal bands need. And these guys are no exception.

Their music draws you in instantly and doesn’t let go until the final seconds. Check Out Standout Tracks – Calorie, Iron Flow, Stephan’s Dream and Frozen Time.

These tracks prove what a great band Reserve De Marche actually are. Playing brilliant Heavy Post-Metal riffs married against the lush quieter ambient Post-Rock riffs to expert levels.

So if you like what you hear then headover to BandCamp right now as this is available on BandCamp Pay Anything You Want Type Deal.

Highly Recommended.

Check This Great Band Below


Check Out The Guys In Action Here.

And them doing a brilliant cover of a Russian Circles Classic.