Saturday 23 June 2012

The Lion's Daughter - Shame On Us All Review

Shame on Us All cover art

The Lion’s Daughter is a Hardcore/Sludge Metal Band from St Louis, MO, USA

The Lion’s Daughter are a fast and furious Hardcore/Sludge Metal Band with a great social conscience attached to their music. They have featured on the blog before with their awesome split with Fister.

Well the guys are back with their eagerly awaited full length record – Shame On Us All – An 8 song bruising 32 minute encounter of top-notch Hardcore driven Sludge Metal riffs.

Thank God these guys sent me their album to review. This is the perfect album to headbang to with things not going your way. These guys don’t do happiness or rays of light. They are master tacticians dealing with in fast and furious Hardcore/Sludge Metal riffs.

Shame On Us All is a hard-hitting blast of bruising riffs that will surely leave you drained from start to finish. They have the passion of an angry Thrash Metal Band but in the realm of Sludge Metal.

The band wisely throw in some hard-hitting Social soundbytes to get their message across and I applaud them for not shying away from the bleak side of life.

Especially on tracks like – “Deadbeat At Dawn”, “Heavenless Far From Earth”, and “World Ender – Buried In Dust”.

These guys know how to play a mean down-tempo Sludge metal riff full of despair and passion at the same time. Plus the vocals are truly full of anger at the world but still makes you care at the same time.
This is a band with a purpose and nothing is going to stop in their in delivering their own brand of bleak down-tempo Hardcore/Sludge Metal.

If you’re into the legendary hard-hitting bands of the NOLA scene such as EHG and Corrosion of Conformity then these guys will appeal to you big time like myself.

The 32 minutes just flies by. You don’t know what you have just witnessed but your edging towards the repeat button on your MP3 Player. This is an amazing album from a great band who know how to write a top-notch hard-hitting tune with blazing Sludge Metal riffs to match.

Shame On Us All is superbly produced and played by all involved. You can hear every note played to brutal top notch perfection. The drumming is a major high point. Full of precision and drive that you will find hard to ignore.

Then again all the band are amazing musicians and each play their own part in delivering an album you cannot ignore. If you do you will be missing one of the heaviest and fastest Sludge Metal records of 2012.

Brilliant and Highly Recommended. Shame On Us All is available to buy from BandCamp right now and I recommend you buy it now.

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