Tuesday 19 June 2012

Akem Manah - Night Of Black Moon Review

Akem Manah is a Death/Doom Metal Band from Eugene, Oregon, USA

Akem Manah is a head-banging genre defying Metal Band who mix Doom, Death, Sludge and even Psych Rock to a truly wondrous effect.

They have just released their brilliant new album – The Night Of The Black Moon. An 8 song and 71 minute colossal epic of haunting Death/Doom riffs.

Like the recent Undersmile amazing album Narwhal. This is one album that is truly hard to define so I apologize to the band if I don’t do this great album justice. As I can’t put into words the true feeling of this brutal and heavy album.

The album has its fair share of epic tracks. Some run for 9 to 10 mins. It even includes a brilliant 20 minute epic – “Into The Darkness” which will leave you breathless for days.

The band are all master musicians as they play some of the catchiest riffs I have ever heard for a Doom/Death Metal Band. The keyboards are a wonderful touch that bring a sense of awe and wonder at times. Especially on track – The Dead Man’s Heart.

This is the first time I have had exposure to this great band I know they have a great reputation amongst the Doom/Sludge Metal fraternity. And it’s not hard to see why. These guys are masters at combining the Doom/Death/Sludge genres and crafting it into something you don’t hear much of these days.

The vocals are just plain brutal at times and adds the harsh overtones that a great Death Metal album needs. But they are vocals you can understand. Well I could anyway.

Other great tracks to check out are Return To Funeralopolis and The Dark Hours. The song titles really do match the eerie sombre mood the band is trying to portray. But these guys never forget about the power of the riff. And this album has it in spades.

Even with the epic running time of 70 mins or so, this album is never boring or frustrating. It’s a true blast of top-notch Doom/Death/Sludge Metal riffs with a great Psych Rock/Metal vibe to it all.

It’s brilliantly produced and is an album that you will be coming back to time and time again. Akem Monah should be applauded for releasing a challenging album that will take multiple listens to get the full picture of this epic odyssey.

One of the finest Doom/Death Metal albums I have heard in years. This album deserves as much praise it can possibly get. Highly Recommended.

Check This Great Band Below: