Saturday 9 June 2012

ROTTING HILLS - Band To Check Out

Belgrave cover art

Rotting Hills are a Sludge Metal Band from East Vancouver, Canada

The members are:


Rotting Hills are a brutal and brilliant Sludge Metal Band influenced by YOB, EyeHateGod and NoothGrush.

Gord contacted me with the following about his great band.

"My new project Rotting Hills .we are a sludge doom band from east vancouver. members of mudlark(rip) haggatha, baptists, old fuck, and a bunch more. we are a 4 drummer band we started with 5 but cut back to 4, 2 guitars  bass, cello, vocals.

we have a full legnth coming out in the near future. we are in talks with a north america release and europe release."

4 Fucking Drummers. Are they insane. 4 drummers. Yeah they might just be. But they are a brilliant band you need to check out. These guys can fucking play.

Check Out Their Tunes on BandCamp. You can download the epic 10 min Belgrave for free and its amazing. But the best track is the 20 minute opus - Humans Vile Path. Only on share duties I am afraid. But what a fucking tune.

These guys are the real deal and I can't wait to check out their upcoming debut album which I will be doing everything in my power to get my hands on. Even buying it when it gets released.

Awesome Stuff.

Check These Guys Below:

Check This Brilliant Band In Action when they had 5 drummers.