Tuesday 19 June 2012

Dead To A Dying World

Dead To A Dying World cover art

Dead To A Dying World a Blackened Crust Metal Band from Dallas, Texas, USA

The members are:

Mike Yeager - Vocals
Sean Mehl - Guitar
Gregg Prickett - Guitar
James Magruder - Bass guitar
Stefan Gonzalez - Drums, Vocals
Eva Aldridge - Viola

Dead To A Dying World are a brilliant band that incorporates Sludge, Doom, Black Metal and Post-Metal to brutal and highly original effect.

Their amazing 2011 S/T debut album was produced by Philip Cope of brilliant Sludge Metallers - KYLESA. So you know it's great with talent like that behind the production desk.

The album is a 3 song and 45 minute blast of amazing riffs that will have you head-banging in no time at all. It really is a masterclass of Extreme Metal and blends all their genres to great effect.

I originally listened to this back in 2011 and was astounded to what I was hearing. It really is a masterpiece you all need to check out now.

Not staying to one exact genre but blending them into something more startling and more original. It is brutal at times but incorporates some fine ambient music as well to portray a band not afraid to shake up the listeners imagination.

This is highly recommended by myself and you can download it for free from BandCamp right now.

The BandCamp Page has the link for Vinyl LP available on Tofu Carnage Records which is run by Sean from this brilliant band as well.

Check out Tofu Carnage Records BandCamp Page for more great releases. Sean is doing a great job in discovering some great talent especially Akkolyte

Akkolyte features members of this amazing band and are more of a Experimental Jazz Grind vibe. If you want something more out there and a lot more harsher. Great Stuff.

Anyway Back To This Great Band. Get checking now as these are truly talented bunch of musicians are highly recommended.

Check This Great Band Below: